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February 19, 2022 HKUAAO Bordeaux Red Wine 101 Webinar

HKUAAO arranged for a webinar on February 19,2022. The webinar – Bordeaux Red Wine 101 was well received by approximately 50 attendees, including members of HKUAAO and other Ontario HKJU alumni associations.

Notice of the webinar was sent to all members of HKUAAO via eNotice 2 weeks prior to the date of the webinar.  Our representatives on the JU committee also sent notice to other Ontario HKJU alumni associations.  The presentation materials were prepared by the speaker Romeo Au, with the assistance of Maggie Poon. 

The webinar started at 3 pm on Saturday February 19, 2022 via Zoom.  After a short introduction by HKUAAO President Tim Cheng, our speaker Romeo Au made an excellent presentation covering the following:

a)     Recap of Wine Making Processes

b)     How to Read Wine Label

c)     Wine Glossary

d)     Bordeaux Wine Regions

e)     How to Appreciate

Romeo’s presentation was finished in approximately 45 minutes.  It was followed by the Q & A session.  Romeo answered a number of questions raised by the attendees, with the assistance of the moderator, Dennis Au-Yeung.

The webinar finished smoothly at around 4:30 pm.

For ease of reference of the webinar HKUAAO Bordeaux Red Wine 101, the link to the YouTube video of the webinar and the link to the presentation materials are shown below:

HKUAAO Red Wine Bordeaux 101 Webinar on February 19, 2022 

Presentation materials 

Reported by Dennis Au-Yeung