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Year 2011

Dec 18, 2011 HKU 100th year Celebration Banquet

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Brighten Me  with Virtues 明我以德 on Youtube.
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I did not attend the 90th anniversary dinner. People said it was grand. However, it was no comparison to the centenary party at all – the once in a 100 year event which I can only attend once in my life time!
We had a total of fourteen alumni and spouses from Ontario attending the grand party. (not including our own Evelyn Man who sat miles away with the Convocation group).There was also many overseas alumni from the U.S., Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, and Mainland. In total there were over 360 tables, or over 4,000 alumni, spouses, friends, and HKU student volunteers occupying both the old and new wings of the Hong Kong Convention Centre. Attendants included many distinguished alumni and guests including HK Chief Executive Mr. Donald Tsang and many university presidents. There were four live stages all connected seamlessly over the air.
The venue was so large that it was difficult to meet all the people. However, we did manage to locate our old classmates including some we had not seen for years.
The food and wine were excellent.  Atmosphere was jubilant. Programs were attention catching. There were many alumni who volunteered to perform different hall cheers and reminded everyone of their young university days. The theme song,明我以德, which was written by Sam Hui, became an instant success and may very well become the HKU emblem!
I am glad that I had attended.
After the dinner event, I joined the 4-day tour organised by HKU to Kaiping to explore the historic Dulaus and Mansions built by the overseas Chinese during the turn of the century. Members included Professor Rosie Young and alumni from HK, Australia, U.S., New Zealand and Malaysia. From Ontario, only I could join. The tour was guided by a former Architecture graduate who specialized in the area. It was very interesting and a very worthwhile learning experience.

Reported by Tim Cheng

Oct 16, 2011 Mentor Mentee Gathering – Hiking at Erinale Park

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Our HKUAAO 2011 mentor/mentee hiking gathering at Erindale Park was held on October 16 with overwhelming participation of more than 30 members, mentees, family members and friends. Erindale Park, located in Mississauga, is one of the most highly rated nature parks in southern Ontario for scenic trails. Along its Credit River trail, we may see salmon run in the river and the impressive fall colors. It is a great place for mentor/mentee gathering.
Weather on October 16 was excellent and was perfect for hiking. 10 mentees joined the event, with transportation provided by their mentors. Led by Augustine Chan, our HKUAAO team successfully completed the 3 hour walk along the Credit River Trail and the scenic trail carpeted with golden fallen leaves. The mentees were impressed with the spectacular fall colors of Canada. Dozens, if not hundreds, of photos were taken.
After returning to the covered shelter, BBQ lunch was served. Our team of cooks included our President Tim Cheng, Loretta Hoi, K F Siu and several board members. The participants have definitely felt the warmth of the gathering, not only from the delicious hot food provided but also from the friendship amongst our members, mentors and mentees. Many thanks to our Pierre Fan for organizing the gathering and booking the BBQ site.

Reported by T C Kwan

Oct 9, 2011 Table Tennis Interest Group In-house Doubles Tournament

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Reported by H.K. Pong

After HKUAAO won the “Hong Kong Cup” at the Joint Universities Alumni Associations Table Tennis Tournament on May 1, 2011, the table tennis interest group members having been meeting and playing on Saturdays and Sundays at the Canadian Chinese Table Tennis Association (CCTTA). The group played an In-house Doubles Tournament (雙打友誼賽) on July 16, 2011 and October 9, 2011. Around 20 members participated in the tournaments. Everyone had a good time and the tournaments were full of fun, joy and excitement. There will be a third in-house tournament on Feb 25, 2012.  During the games, we have not only discovered many talents and “New Stars” in playing table tennis, but unveiled many talents in composing poems. Here are some selected pieces for readers to enjoy:

六強會師香港杯,  港大健兒勇奪魁,大仙小仙齊齊玩, 三代同堂好鬼盞。
半綹銀髮迎風展,一舊腹肌凸向前,  聲嘶力竭叫Next Team,情容並茂Augustine。
場場Player博哂命,個個Fans嗌失聲,球風瀟洒形神似,行年廿五Alan Tam。
沙宣克競紐路斯,大學太古共明原,何東St John夾Ricci。眉目傳情約相見,
   By Mr. Wilson Chan 

六強決戰香港盃    港大健兒勇奪魁    銀球飄送友共情   同學相聚喜盈盈
 By Mr. Sidney Chu    

戰雲再起加乒協   推擋提拉斬削切  捉對互打雙人賽   贏得友誼贏得愛
 By Mr. Sidney Chu               

Sep 11, 2011 Hiking at Upper Rough River Valley

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Hiking is always in demand. We had over 30 members and friends with 12 exchange mentees from HKU to join us on a very beautiful day for the 3 hours walk.

May 23 , 2011 Hiking at Scotsdale Farm

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To celebrate Victoria Day, we had a hiking for about 10km loop of mainland side trails of BruceTrail in Scotsdale Farm area to enjoy the spring wildflowers and greenery.

May 9, 2011 Dinner with Vice Chancellor Prof. Lap Chee Tsui

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This year’s Spring Dinner was held on Sunday May 9 at the Diamond Chinese Restaurant in Markham. It was marked by four special occasions, namely:

  1. visit by our Vice- Chancellor and President, Professor Lap-Chee Tsui, and Bernadette Tsui, Director of Alumni Affairs, HKU
  2. visit by Professor, N K Leung, President of the HKU Medical Alumni Association
  3. Presentation of the Joint-U Table Tennis Tournament Championship Trophy, “Hong Kong Cup” (the real stuff !), by Ms. Maureen Siu, Director of Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office in Toronto
  4. Kick off celebration of HKU’s 100th year anniversary

There were over 110 people present, including Professor and Mrs. Tsui, Ms. Maureen Siu, Professor and Mrs. N. K. Leung, Mr. Stephen Siu, friends from other University alumni, HKU ex-staff representatives,  our table tennis winning team, and of course, our alumni and spouses including many medical alumni.

We mingled, chatted, took lots of pictures and were all in good spirits. Professor Tsui was of course the center of attention and with hundreds of pictures taken of him, he must had become an overnight celebrity!

We had continual slide shows of the previous week’s table tennis tournament and the video captured many of the exciting winning moments. We were lucky that the real golden dragon-shaped Hong Kong Cup arrived in time and Ms. Maureen Siu presented the Cup to our winning team during the dinner. Other highlights of the evening included speeches by our V.C., Maureen Siu, Professor Leung and Dr. Edwin Chan, our most senior alumnus at the dinner. The food was excellent too.

The finale of the evening was the serving of Chinese “Sou Pau” (birthday buns) and the cutting of the 12 lbs. “HKU 100” cake to symbolize the kick off of the HKU centennial celebration by alumni in Ontario. We all left the dinner reminisce that the HKU spirit was very much alive in our heart (and we were grateful that our friends share in our passion) !

May 1, 2011 Hong Kong Joint Universities Alumni Association Table Tennis Tournament

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Click here to view video from Tim Cheng and edited by Ron Yeung.
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港大校友會乒乓球隊由會長 Tim Cheng 與副會長 Augustine Chan率領,包括
籌委會代表 丘正安(Peter Yau) 與楊景耀(Ronald Yeung) ,
領隊 關德正 (T.C. Kwan),
隊長及女單 李碧霞( Betty Cheung)﹑
男單 霍棟業( Jacky Fok) ﹑
男雙A組朱詠暉(Sidney Chu) ﹑何錦慶(Martin Ho)﹑
男雙B組陳文然(Wilson Chan ) ﹑梁志鏗(Danny Leung)﹑
女雙徐美玲(Liza Tsui) ﹑廖少君(Sandie Chu) ﹑
混雙林容賜(Michael Lam) ﹑梁佩娥(Ellen Leung)
後備馬欣欣( Lilian Ma)