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HKU Alumni Moments 2023

Recap of HKUAAO AGM and Dinner on Saturday December 9, 2023

Annual General Meeting

On Saturday December 9, 2023, HKUAAO held the AGM at 5pm with Margaret Law as the Chair and Agnes Man as the Secretary of the meeting. The meeting went smoothly and swiftly, approved the annual report and the financial report.

The new Board of Directors and advisors were elected with Margaret Law re-elected as the President. The other executive positions will be elected in the first board meeting following the AGM. The new Board is as follows:

Honorary Chairman – Professor Lap-Chee Tsui

Advisors – Ms. Irene Chu

                  Mrs. Peggy Sum

                  Mr. Bassanio So

President – Ms. Margaret Law

Directors – Mr. Dennis Au-Yeung

                 Ms. Agnes Man

                 Mr. Raymond Leung

                 Mr. Verdi Yau

                 Ms. Maggie Poon

                 Mr. Franki Cheng

                 Mrs. Winnie Fung

                 Mr. Danny Leung

                 Ms. Lilian Ma

                 Mr. Tim Cheng

We accepted the resignation of Mr. Hilton Lok from the Board and thanked them for his services to the Association.

AGM Dinner

HKUAAO hosted our 2023 AGM and Dinner on December 9th Saturday at Lobster Port Seafood Cuisine. The 2024 Board of Directors was successfully elected before dinner commenced. The dinner was well attended by over 120 Alumni and friends.
From the 120+ guests , about 50 were newcomers of HKU , who just arrived at Toronto within the past 2 years. We have engaged them in helping as MCs, singing performers, stage assistants, photographer and receptionists . The dinner reception was enjoyed by all at a warm, friendly and relaxed ambience. All our directors have donated gifts for lucky draw, wine and cash money for expenses, and above all, we had very good audio and sound support from a professional production company. There were 5 singers , all HKU alumni members, who have generously shared with us their stage talents. Our directors in charge of New Comer Program and Mentors Support Program gave their reports. We recruited more than 10 new members on the dinner night.
Also attended were JU representatives from the other universities from Hong Kong, namely: Chinese University, Baptist University, Polytechnic University, City University, Science and Technology University, Chu Hoi University, Shu Yan University and Ling Nan University ( in no particular Order ) We thank them in their support.
The President presented her report pledging all our alumni to support our 2024 activities and particularly pledging for support from our JU alumni associations in HKUAAO’s lead in JU activities in 2024.
The AGM dinner ended with a cordial note : group singing and group photo.and we must thank all those who offered carpooling for newcomers who have yet to find their way around Greater Toronto Area.
Last but not least, we thank the Organizing Committee and Work Group for putting together such a memorable event.

Respectfully Reported by
Margaret Law, President of HKUAAO 2024

Click here to view photo album (Photos taken by Beaker Fung)

Click here to view photo album (Photos taken by Samson Lam)

August 27, 2023 HKUAAO Summer Hike and Lunch

About 56 HKUAAO alumni and friends showed up for the leisured outing. Among them, 49 stayed after the hike to join lunch in a Chinese restaurant.

It was an easy hike on Forest Hill Trial which stretches about 7km through the Rouge Valley Park into the Milne Fam Conservation Park. In the Milne Dam Park, we enjoyed some nice photo sessions against the background of the grand suspension bridge over the famous dam.

It was a sunny day and the weather was perfect for outdoor activities. We finished the hike in about 3 hours. We had a good time getting together in the restaurant.

Reported by Hannah Cheung

June 9, 2023 Photography Talk – “Photography – A Love Affair with Life” by Stephen Siu

HKUAAO successfully hosted the Photography Talk “A Love Affair with Life” on June 9th 2023, co hosted with Chinese Canadian Photography Society of Toronto. Mr. Stephen Siu delivered a very interesting and informative presentation, enjoyed by over 40 participants in person and more online. From the history of Stephen’s career and use of the photography equipment from the old days, to the modern trends of photography, Stephen inspired all the participants with photos, poetry and shared his sentiments to photography within the one hour and forty five minutes session. it concluded with a Q & A period. There was an exchange of souvenirs between HKU AAO and CCPST. We appreciate all the support from our board executives and our newcomer volunteers, who helped with venue setup, online streaming technology, refreshments, and photography.

Reported by Margaret Law

June 17, 2023 Hong Kong Joint Universities (HKJU) Networking for Newcomers

HKJU is organizing a networking event for newcomers, we welcome all newcomers (and their newcomer friends) of the 9 HKJU members to join the event.

This event provides a platform to extend and expand personal networks for newcomers to exchange information among themselves on various topics that newcomers are interested in when settling in Ontario.

Date: June 17, Saturday
Time: 2:30pm – 4:30pm
Venue: Mitchell Field Community Centre, Room 121
Address: 89 Church Ave, North York
Fee: $0 (free)
Light refreshments will be served.


Enquires: WhatsApp your questions to:
Baptist U: +1-437-988-7758
Chu Hai: +1-647-282-8567
HKU: +1-647-982-7920
PolyU: +1-416-617-8308
Shue Yan: +1-426-230-0662
Others: +1-416-617-8308

May 28, 2023  HKJU Picnic at Sibbald Point Provincial Park

A warm sunny day on May 28, 2023, 24 HKUAAO alumni joined a picnic in the Sibbald Point Provincial Park organized by the Hong Kong Joint Universities.  I am glad that this year we have a few newcomers, such as Meko, Klaire, Irene, Wawa, Beaker and Josie/Kelvin’s family joined and shared the happiness.  Other than meeting with our old good friends, the newcomers had a great opportunity to connect with alumni from other universities to extend their personal network. 

After an hour of mingling, enjoying the live music and playing volleyball, I heard a rumbling sound from my tummy.  It soon kicked off with a table of delicious food and served with cold drinks.  Not long after, we all thumbed up for the yummy food and started off a series of exciting and fun games.

Congratulations to Sidney Chu who won 2 games (Ball throw-and-catch and the Men’s Ping pong stability run), Kelvin Cheng is the 2nd runner up in the frisbee game and Kelvin’s daughter, Mika Cheng is the 2nd runner up of the Women’s Ping pong stability run.  Hip hip hooray to Sidney, Kelvin and Mika!

I would take this opportunity to specially thank Beaker Fung for being the photographer to capture all special moments in the picnic.  Memories are timeless treasures of the heart, times come and go, memories stay forever.  These amazing pictures keep the moment from running away.

Reported by Hilton Lok 

Click here to view photo album (Photos taken by Beaker Fung)

May 21, 2023 HKUAAO Victoria Day Spring Hike (Rouge Valley) and Dinner

On Sunday, May 21, 2023, a remarkable turnout of over 100 participants gathered to embark on a 2-hour loop hike in Rouge Valley. The enchanting forest trails beckoned us to explore and discover the great biodiversity of the largest urban park in North America.

The day began with the arrival of eager hikers, including fellows of new alumni who have recently relocated to Ontario. We were thrilled to see such a large group ready for adventure. The trail led us through picturesque landscapes, where the fragrant scent of Spring filled the air. While enjoying the great outdoors, our alumni took advantage of the opportunity to reconnect and socialize with one another. Friendships were strengthened, and new bonds were formed amidst the breathtaking surroundings. We gathered for group photos to capture the excitement and camaraderie.

Following the hike, we upheld our cherished tradition by hosting a multi-course dinner party at SamWoo BBQ Restaurant in Scarborough. The vibrant atmosphere was palpable as our energetic group occupied 7+ tables, creating a lively ambiance filled with laughter and camaraderie. The dinner provided the perfect conclusion to an eventful day.

We express our heartfelt appreciation to Hannah Cheung, Tim Cheng and Raymond Leung, and all the organizers who dedicated their time and efforts to ensure the success of this hike. Their commitment and hard work contributed immensely to creating a safe and enjoyable experience for all participants. We are grateful to everyone who participated and made this event a remarkable experience.

Reported by Phoenix Doong