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Year 2012

Dec 9, 2012 HK Joint Universities Alumni (Ontario) Table Tennis Tournament

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Hong Kong U, Hong Kong U,
Hong Kong Hong Kong Hong Kong U!

On 9 December 2012, our HKUAAO participated in the HK Joint Universities Alumni (Ontario) (HKJUO) Table Tennis Tournament which is an annual event organized by the HKJUO and sponsored by the Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office (HKETO), aiming to foster friendship among the alumni of the seven Hong Kong universities in Ontario.
Led by the President Tim Cheng, Vice Presidents Dr K F Siu and Pierre Fan, team captain HK Pong, Board members Elza Lee and Alice Chow, and cheering team leader TC Kwan, more than 30 alumni of HKUAAO (players, volunteers, cheering members) joined over 100 participants  in this whole-day event.
Players competed for the following titles: Men’s Singles, Women’s Singles, Men’s Doubles, Women’s Doubles, Mixed Doubles, and overall champion.  It was cold and there was freezing rain outside, but inside, the atmosphere was intense and the spirit was high. The chanting of each university’s alumni association slogan could be heard in every corner of the court.
After a series of close and exciting matches, HKUAAO attained champions in the Men’s Doubles and Women’s Doubles, first runner-up in Women’s Singles and Mixed Doubles in Group A events, and first runner-up in Men’s Doubles and Mixed Doubles in Group B events. We came in second overall after PolyU Alumni. Our players are:

Men’s Singles, Group A: K T Yeung
Men’s Doubles, Group A: Martin Ho and Sidney Chu
Women’s Singles, Group A: Betty Cheung
Women’s Doubles, Group A: Liza Tsui and Sandie Chu
Mixed Doubles, Group A: Michael and Ellen Leung
Men’s Singles, Group B: Hector Chan
Men’s Doubles, Group B: Wilson Chan and Eric Ho
Mixed Doubles, Group B: Edmond Cheng and Ada Ho, and Stephen Ho and Amy Chan

This joyful event continued into a celebration dinner. Almost 200 alumni joined the dinner with the Director, Ms Gloria Lo, and Assistant Director, Mr. Stephen Siu, of the HKETO as the honorable guests.

Before the tournament, a couple of our members showed their poetic talents contributing to our great team spirit. Below are some of their works:

By Eric Ho:

By Dr KT Yeung
球球到枱,擦網擦邊, 球無虛發。

By Wilson Chan

By Sidney Chu
隊長龐衍祺 (HK Pong)

啦啦隊隊長關德正 (TC Kwan)

A組男單代表楊錦堂 (Kam Tong Yeung)

A組女單代表李碧霞 (Betty Cheung)

A組男雙代表何錦慶、朱詠暉 (Martin Ho & Sidney Chu)


A組女雙代表徐美玲、廖少君 (Liza Tsui & Sandie Chu)

A組混雙代表梁佩娥、林容賜(Ellen Leung & Michael Lam)

B組男單代表陳錫雄 (Hector Chan)

B組男雙代表何迪帆、陳文然 (Eric Ho & Wilson Chan)

B組混雙代表潘淑嫻、鄭禮英 (Ada Ho & Edmond Cheng)

B組混雙代表葉愛蓮、何志賢(Amy Chan & Stephen Ho)

Hong Kong U, Hong Kong U,
Hong Kong Hong Kong Hong Kong U!

reported by H.K. Pong 

Oct 14, 2012 Fall Hiking at the Oak Ridges Taril

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Despite the occasional shower and cool temperature, more than 30 alumni, their family members and mentees attended the fall hiking trip on 14th October, 2012 at the Oak Ridges Trail in King City. The trail presented no difficulty to the hikers and their efforts were well rewarded with the beautiful scenery and fall colors along the way.  A break was taken along the trail at an orchard farm where hikers enjoyed coffee and fresh apple pies. In the evening, many of the participants continued the fun having dinner at a restaurant in Thornhill.  It was a day enjoyed by all who came and the organizers fully appreciated the support they received from the alumni.

Aug 26, 2012 Table Tennis Family Match

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The Table Tennis Interest Group organized a friendly match for its members on August 26 at the Chinese Canadian Table Tennis Association (CCTTA). Each player was free to form doubles team with another player to challenge the Champions of the previous match on June 2. There were altogether 26 players participating in these fun games. The joy and laughter continued during dinner. Players and family members sang karaoke in turn.

Reported by H K Pong

Jun 16, 2012, Karaoke Get-together 2

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The second karaoke get-together was held at PolyArt Music Studio on Saturday, June 16, 2012.  Again it drew a crowd. Some 17 people participated which is a good mix of both karaoke enthusiasts as well as new comers. The magic of karaoke is that it did not take long for freshmen to become converted, sing along and have a good time. The Karaoke Interest Group aims at having quarterly functions eventually. Music lovers, experienced or beginner, you will get to enjoy a good time with alumni friends.
To join, please contact Lily Lee 李冰琪lilybklee@gmail.com 416-756-3228 x 234.

Reported by Lily Lee

Jun 2, 2012 Table Tennis Tournament & Dinner

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The Table Tennis Interest Group regularly organizes tournaments for its members to build friendship and raise the skill level among members. On June 2, 2012, the Interest Group had another doubles tournament at the Canadian Chinese Table Tennis Association (CCTTA), with 22 players participating in the event, including several friends from PolyU and CUHK. Although it was meant to be a friendly competition, players took it very seriously and practiced very hard before the date of tournament.  Each player formed doubles team with another player by draw, and the format of the match was round robin. The whole afternoon was full of joy and laughter. Players kept cheering after they returned a good shot. The joy did not stop at CCTTA, but continued during dinner attended also by family members of players at a nearby restaurant, where we had a Chinese poem competition. The rules and the entries from players are in Chinese as follows:

上聯:    望江樓, 望江流, 望江樓上望江流, 江流千古, 江樓千古
下聯必須與乒球比賽相關, 方為上品.


抽乒坡, 抽乒波, 抽乒坡下抽乒波, 乒波萬代, 乒坡萬代


迎揪波,迎秋波(註 1),揪波台(註 2)上迎秋波。揪波擾人,秋波擾人。
註 1: 眼電波            註 2:  應有木字邊 – tt table

贏獎品, 贏獎金, 贏獎品再贏獎金(或獎品)獎金千萬, 獎品千萬

港大兵, 港大乒, 港大兵打港大乒, 大兵一流, 大乒一流

瞭波峯  撩波功, 瞭波峯看撩波功,  波峯萬歲, 波功萬歲

數乒壇, 數乒彈, 數乒壇 細數乒壇, 乒彈幾許, 乒壇幾許
看乓賽, 嚐乓菜, 看乓賽後嚐乓菜,  乓賽一絕, 乓菜一絕

觀虎竇, 觀虎鬥, 觀虎竇內觀虎鬥. 虎竇留名. 虎鬥留名

唔再孖, 唔再媽,  唔再孖你唔再媽,   再媽反面,  再孖反面

同你孖 同你媽 同你孖完同你媽 , 你媽賞面 , 你孖賞面

Apart from table tennis, our interest group members also have great talents in composing poems!!

Reported by H K Pong

May 21, 2012 Victoria Day Hiking – Woodland Trails

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The Victoria Day trail hiking has become an annual tradition for HKUAAO by now.
This year’s hike took place on May 21, 2012 and was well supported by more than 30 members and friends.  We met at Rouge River Conservation Centre and started from the north end of the trail near Steeles Ave.
It was a great summer day with clear sunny sky.  As most of the hike was among the woods, we did not feel the heat.  We followed along the meandering Rouge River enjoying the beautiful scenery. On a couple of occasions, we encountered some steep slopes where our trail leader, Tom Wong, assisted by some brave and muscular volunteers, set up ropes along the side and helped the hikers slide down the slopes with the ropes.  We were quite excited with this little taste of adventure, and agreed that it added a lot of fun to the hike.
We finished the 10 km hike in three hours, reaching the big observation deck on top of the cliff, where we enjoyed the gorgeous view overlooking the Rouge River Valley.  It would be a great place to see the red and gold leaves in autumn. We were looking forward to the next hiking trip to enjoy the Great Outdoors as well as the wonderful company of good friends in the association.

Reported by Hannah Cheung

May 6, 2012 Joint U 2012 Bowling Tournament

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The Joint HK U’s Alumni Associations 2012 Bowling Tournament was held on May 6 2012. As far as can be determined, none of the universities adopt this sport in their sporting activities but all AA’s were able to form their own team to take part.
HKUAOO proudly sent a full team of 5 players including spousal reinforcement to compete for the HK Cup and we put up a spirited fight. Not to be outshined by our star players, our cheering team of a very large contingency in fashionable uniforms fresh off the sewing machines was loud and clear cheering very single move of our players. We ‘steered’ the 3rd runners up in the team competition to add to our souvenir collection and ‘allowed’ our alumni friends the rest of the glorious trophies. All AA’s with full team were generous to hand the HK Cup to the smallest team which can afford to play elite bowlers only. We did not win the HK Cup but we championed the display of high spirit among players, cheering teams and volunteers in support of the JUAA.  It was full of joy and fun.
The image of our dream team including the volunteers and our contingency in action are in print. Who can beat that?

Reported by Pierre Fan

Apr 29, 2012 Dinner with VC Prof. Lap-chee Tsui

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We did not have much time from the time that we knew that Professor Tsui would be in town to putting together a dinner get together with him. But we did manage to have over fifty alumni and friends join in and spent an evening with the VC.
The dinner was held at the Ambassador Chinese Restaurant on April 29, 2012.
As usual we were happy to have Professor Tsui around and to get firsthand updates of the development in HKU, especially with opening of the west campus and double co-hort year.
Thanks to our hard working “senior” director, Augustine and his better half, Lisa, our hot off the press HKUAAO’s own blue and green T-shirt was ready just in time for presentation to Professor Tsui. After the VC put on the T-shirt, as you may guess, lights flashed all over the restaurant.
We also made use of the occasion to celebrate the appointment and relocation of Leanne Liu, one of the original “smart kid” mentees of Augustine, to be a new professor at the Singapore Management University. (we always wonder how come Augustine has so many young, pretty and smart mentees!) All the best to Leanne.
After we finished our nice meal, we had to say goodbye to our respected VC who would right after dinner take the midnight flight back to HK.

Reported by Tim Cheng

Mar 4, 2012 Annual Dinner & AGM

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Our 2012 AGM Dinner was held at the Diamond Chinese Restaurant in Markham on March 4. The dinner was well attended with over eighty alumni, mentees and friends from fellow alumni associations of other Hong Kong based universities.
Our guest of honour was Mr. Peter Kwok, Deputy Director of Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office. After his speech he was presented with a nice model of Loke Yew Hall.
To enlighten the atmosphere and to get everyone involved, T C Kwan and H K Pong, two of our directors, led a competitive game of citing  “four lettered” Chinese Proverbs that started with the number “one”, with the table who knew the most the winner.  Suddenly all of us became Chinese language scholars and we all could witness the excitement and the high Chinese linguistic standard that we possess!
The highlight of the evening was the singing of the HKU 100th anniversary song, “brighten me with virtues”, written by Sam Hui, our celebrity alumnus. Our karaoke experts, including Lily Lee and Pierre Fan, led the singing and (although we might be off beat at times) we all felt the HKU spirit alive again.
And, of course, the evening program would not be complete without some lucky winners going home with their lucky draw prizes.

Reported by Tim cheng

Feb 26, 2012 Karaoke Get-together 1

The Karaoke Interest Group had its first get-together this year on February 26.  Over twenty people participated at Tam’s Music Studio. It was a night of singing and buffet dinner, and you can tell from the pictures that it was great fun. In fact, the event was so much fun that members of our renowned HKUAAO table tennis team abandoned their court to join and tried to impress us that they not only excel at sports but have musical talents good enough to be HKUAAO Idols as well.

Reported by Lily Lee

Jan 28, 2012 Table Tennis Interest Group 新春團拜

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The interest groups are in autonomy and holding its own. Several bowlers jointed the table tennis after game lunch on the 6th day of the year of dragon and the gathering served a great opportunity to share the New Year joy. Over 20 members and spouses turned out and the fun is evidenced on the happy faces in the photo taken.