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September 25, 2016 Fall Hike Rouge Valley, Pickering

HKUAAO organized its Fall hike on September 25, 2016 along the Celebration Forest and Mast Trails in the Rouge Park. The weather has cooled down significantly from the record breaking summer heat. The sun was out with few clouds. It was a perfect day for hiking. Although the leaves have not yet begun to change colours, the green canopy and the dry trail made for a relatively easy walk. Thirty-three alumni, including their family members and friends turned out for this event. After finishing the hiking in the late afternoon, 23 members stayed for dinner at the Spring Villa Restaurant in Markham.

Reported by Dan Lam

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September 18, 2016 HKJU Badminton Fun Day and Gala Dinner

We are pleased to report that the 2016 Hong Kong Joint Universities Badminton Fun Day and Gala Dinner was held successfully on September 18. Around 300 members of seven Alumni Association enjoyed the event with lots of exercise and fun. This year, the seven Alumni Associations were divided into 2 groups for competition. Group A (Red Group) consisted of CU, HKU and LNU, while Group B (White Group) consisted of PU, BU, CHU and SYU. After 105 badminton matches in the first round, second round and final round, and three fun games including Hula Hoop, Ping Pong Relay and Shuttle Cock, the White Group won the overall champion and the Hong Kong Cup in a very close competition.
A gala dinner was held immediately after the competition. The atmosphere of the dinner was fabulous. The singing and dancing performance from seven Alumni Associations, and the lucky draw with the Grand Prize of a iPad Air 2 donated by our President Dennis Au Yeung, were highlights of the evening.
We would like to share with you some interesting information/statistics:
1. The competition was so close, it went down to the wire and was decided by the 105th match (the last badminton match, Men’s Double 2, Team A5 Amos Tin (CU), K. Ho (CU) vs. Team B4 Peter Kwok (BU), Ernest Lee (PU) with the scores of 22:20 won by team B4.

2.First round – Group A won 41 matches and Group B won 49 matches. Teams A1, A5, B2 and B4 advanced to the second round

Second round – Team A5 defeated Team A1 by 3:2 and Team B4 took care of Team B2 by 3:2

Final round – Team B4 edged out Team A5 by 3:2

3. HKJU Badminton Top 10:

3.1) A total of 100 players (30 women and 70 men) participated
3.2) Oldest player is over 70 years of age
3.3) Youngest player – “Every Player”
3.4) A total of 105 matches, 90 matches in the first round, 10 matches in the second round and 5 matches in the final, all done in 4 hours.
3.5) Shortest duration of a match is 5 minutes
3.6) Longest duration of a match is 22 minutes – Men’s Doubles 1 – (A4 Sam Tang (CU), Joannes Tsang (HKU) vs. B5 Thomas Yeung (BU), Brian Kwan (SYU))
3.7) Second longest duration of a match is 19 minutes – Mixed Doubles (A2 Kimmy Chau (HKU), Albert To (HKU) vs. B3 Betty Chan (PU), Johnny Leung (PU))
3.8) Most lopsided score is 21:0
3.9) Top score is 26:24 – Men’s Doubles 1 – (A4 Sam Tang (CU), Joannes Tsang (HKU) vs. B5 Thomas Yeung (BU), Brian Kwan (SYU) won by B5)
3.10) Second top score – 25:23 – Mixed Doubles (A2 Kimmy Chau (HKU), Albert To (HKU) vs. B3 Betty Chan (PU), Johnny Leung (PU) won by B3)

The hosting Alumni Association in coming year will be Baptist U. We are looking forward to your continue participation and support in the HKJU events.

Reported by HK Pong and Romeo Au

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June 5, 2016 Spring Hike Rouge River Valley, Pickering

To welcome spring, HKUAAO organized a hiking for its alumni, their families and friends on June 5, 2016 along the Rouge Valley in Pickering.  In spite of the forecast of rain, 15 members turned up for the event.  To our surprise, weather was cooperative apart from a few drizzles.  The trail was interesting and very scenic.  After the hiking, the group gathered for a dinner at the LHL Seafood Restaurant in Scarborough.

Reported by Dan Lam

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April 3, 2016 Ontario Inter-Collegiate Chinese Debate Alliance

In 2015/16, HKUAAO continues to be the scholarship sponsor of Ontario Inter-Collegiate Chinese Debate Alliance (OCDA), aiming to promote the use of Chinese (Cantonese) language in debates among Ontario university students.

This was OCDA’s 25th annual dinner and awarding ceremony. There were 14 teams from five Universities in Ontario participating and the competition was held from November 2015 to March 2016. Several HKU alumni and other notables in the local Chinese community were in the judge panels to adjudicate and gave valuable comments to the debating teams.

The team, which best delivers its strategy and its members who can demonstrate superb debating skills, is the champion; this year’s winner, the BLUE team from University of Toronto, is no exception. Although not all of the participants can be part of the champion team nor can they all become the best debater of the year, the learning spirit and resolve participants exhibit all these years, however, are certainly admirable.

Reported by K.C. Choi

HKUAAO director K.C. Choi presenting awards

HKUAAO director Verdi Yau giving a speech

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Results of the Photo Contest 2015

By the deadline of December 31, 2015, we received 87 photos from 13 participants under the categories of People & Sports, Nature and Birds. The selection process was divided into two stages. The first stage was by an adjudication panel to select the best 5 photos under each category. The panel was chaired by Stephen Siu, President of the Chinese Canadian Photographic Society of Toronto, with members Irene Chu and Dennis Au-Yeung, our past President and present President. In the second stage, the pre-selected photos were displayed at the 2016 AGM and Dinner of HKUAAO on March 20, 2016. Participants of the AGM Dinner voted to determine the winners. Results of the contest were as follows:

A. People & Sports

1st Position: Michael Lam, Joy of Bird Watching
2nd Position: Michael Lam, 防守是實力
3rd Position: Queenie Cheung, 力拔山河

B. Nature

1st Position: Alice Chow, 秋意通幽
2nd Position: Alice Chow, 燦爛迎蜂
3rd Position: Elza Lee, Cherry Blossom – LOVE

C. Birds

1st Position: HK Pong, Eastern Bluebird
2nd Position: HK Pong, Prothonotary Warbler
3rd Position: HK Pong, Common Yellowthroat

Reported by HK Pong

March 20, 2016 HKUAAO Annual General Meeting & Dinner

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The HKUAAO Annual General Meeting was held on Sunday, March 20, 2016 at the Diamond Banquet Hall and Restaurant in Markham.  All existing board members, except Alice Chow and Loretta Hoi, stood for election and were all re-elected.  King-Chor Choi and Eddie Ho were also elected to the Board.  The AGM was immediately followed by the annual dinner.  Over 120 alumni, guests and friends attended the dinner, with Peter Chung who graduated in 1948 as the eldest alumnus and Erfei Song who graduated in 2014 as the youngest.  Honorable guests include Nick Choi, Deputy Director of HKETO, Stephen Siu, President of the Chinese Canadian Photographic Society of Toronto and the presidents of six other university alumni associations in Ontario.

At the dinner, President Dennis Au-Yeung announced that Professor Lap-Chee Tsui, former Vice-Chancellor of HKU has been appointed as the Honorary Chairman of HKUAAO.  He also announced that HKUAAO would be the chair of HK Joint Universities Annual Event in 2016 and the event would be held on September 18, 2016.

Results of the 30th Anniversary Photo Contest have also been announced at the dinner.  The contest has 3 categories: People & Sports, Nature, and Birds. The adjudication panel chaired by Stephen Siu, along with members Irene Chu and Dennis Au-Yeung, has pre-selected 5 photos from each category. Attendees of the AGM dinner voted and determined the winners at the dinner.  The results were as follow:


People/Sports:   Michael Lam
Nature:   Alice Chow
Birds:   Hin Ki Pong

Reported by Alice Chow
Mingpao: https://www.mingpaocanada.com/tor/htm/News/20160329/tfb1_r.htm