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Recap of HKUAAO AGM and Dinner on Friday November 18, 2022

Annual General Meeting

On Friday November 18, 2022, HKUAAO held its first in-person AGM and Dinner after more than three years. The event was held at the Lobster Port Chinese Restaurant in Thornhill.

AGM started promptly at 6 pm with Tim Cheng acting as the Chair and Agnes Man as the Secretary of the meeting. The meeting went smoothly and swiftly, approved the annual report, the financial report and passed the by-law amendments to extend the timing in-between AGM to 15 months maximum and to assert that the Association meets the audit exemption criteria.

The new Board of Directors and advisors were elected with Margaret Law elected as the new President. The other executive positions will be elected in the first board meeting following the AGM. The new Board is as follows:

Honorary Chairman – Professor Lap-Chee Tsui

Advisors – Ms. Irene Chu

                  Mrs. Peggy Sum

                  Mr. Bassanio So

President – Ms. Margaret Law

Directors – Mr. Dennis Au-Yeung

                 Ms. Agnes Man

                 Mr. Raymond Leung

                 Mr. Verdi Yau

                 Ms. Maggie Poon

                 Mr. Franki Cheng

                  Mrs. Winnie Fung

                  Mr. Hilton Lok

                  Ms. Lilian Ma

                   Mr. Tim Cheng

We accepted the resignation of Mr. Augustine Chan and Mr. Romeo Au from the Board and thanked them for their services to the Association.

AGM Dinner

Dinner reception started at 6:30 pm and all guested were seated by 7 pm. This year’s attendance was beyond our expectations with over 140 alumni, families, guests, presidents, and friends from JU. Margaret was the MC of the evening and started with introducing our guests and table prize draws.  Ms. Emily Mo was our guest of honour. She made a vivid presentation to update us on the recent developments in Hong Kong. She was also our guest of honour 3 years ago in 2019. How time flies! We presented her with a plaque bearing a distinctive HKU emblem to thank her for her ongoing support of our AA.

The dinner was delicious which included 8 lbs of stir-fried lobsters and other sumptuous dishes. The new Board and advisors were introduced, and the two retiring VPs were presented with plaques to recognise their long and dedicated services to the Association. We recognized all the newcomers among us, over twenty of them, who are younger alumni and will be the future pillars of the AA. We also recognized the coordinators and members of our interest groups, including the table tennis group who turned out in large numbers to support this dinner event.

We enjoyed the singing performances from Margaret and Verdi’s family. Verdi and Maggie’s daughter, Vincy, took the spotlight and sang in chorus with Verdi and Thomas Law the song “I want it that way”. The performers were presented with flower bouquets by the two cute little girls. Romeo’s game of “name that tune” was our favourite and engaging. Winners were presented with boxes of chocolates to share.

The final event was lucky draw which was always popular with our guests. With over 20 prizes donated by our directors and guests, there were many lucky one who went home very happy! The party ended with the MC thanked all volunteers, restaurant staff and all attendees who together made the event so enjoyable.

Reported by Tim Cheng

Click here to view photo album (Photos taken by Hilton Lok)
Click here to view photo album (Photos taken by Beaker Fung)

November 12, 2022 Hong Kong Joint Universities Alumni (Ontario) Banquet

(Please note that HKUAAO AGM dinner is another event, for more information, please click here)

Finally Hong Kong Joint Universities Alumni (Ontario) HKJU will organize a banquet after 3 years (our last banquet was on Oct 6, 2019). We all understand the COVID19 is not over yet, however, it is in a ‘stable’ condition and we all take high alert to protect ourselves and others. Therefore HKJU committee considers it’s time for us to meet again.  

2022 HKJU 校友歲末聚餐  

Date: Saturday Nov. 12, 2022 

Venue: 黃金閣鮑翅海鮮酒家Golden Court Abalone Restaurant 

270 West Beaver Creek Rd, Richmond Hill, ON L4B 3Y9 

Cost: $55.00 

Reception: 6:00 p.m. 

Dinner: 6:30 p.m. 

Registration Closed: Wednesday Nov 2, 2022 

Please register through augustinetoronto@hotmail.com 416-930-3666 or romeoyhau@hotmail.com 416-529-3361 

Each alumni association will be responsible 1 performance item in any format, we appeal here to those who are interested and please contact me in the above email or mobile phone. 

We look forward to seeing you all to share our experience in the last three years. 

Stay safe, happy and healthy. 

October 2, 2022 HKUAAO Fall Hike (North Greenwood Conservation Area, Pickering) and Dinner

North Greenwood Conservation Area, Pickering – Sunday Oct 2, 2022

Fall in Ontario is beautiful and is a good time for outdoor activities and hiking. Every year, except in the peak of the pandemic, HKUAAO, in cooperation with the Tai Chi Group under Tom Wong, had organized a hiking in the fall to enjoy the beauty of Nature. This year our hiking trail is in the North Greenwood Conservation Area in Pickering on Sunday October 2, 2022.

It is a nice fall day. We had a huge turnout, close to 60 people, including many of the younger, energetic alumni who are newcomers to Ontario. After taking a group picture, the group embarked on the trail. Initially there were some uphill but that did not present any difficulty at all. The trail was relatively easy and scenic. Part of our trail was along a river, and we spotted some large salmons struggling to swim upstream to give birth to the next generation. We had the enthusiastic photographers among us who took quite a few pictures to share with the group. In addition to enjoying the beautiful outdoor, our alumni used the opportunity to socialize, to catch up with one another.

The hike started at 2 pm and finished at around 4:30. Most of the group then headed to Sam Woo Chinese Restaurant in Scarborough to enjoy a nice delicious multi-course dinner served with wine and dessert. Our 5 tables+ were the noisy bunch but added a lot of live atmosphere to the restaurant! We departed fully contended.

Many thanks went to Liza Tsui who spent hours to help organize the hike, and to the others who helped to keep the hiking safe and smooth.  Of course, we thank everyone for participating in this event. See you all next Spring!

Reported by Tim Cheng

July 17, 2022 HKJU Picnic – Darlington Provincial Park

HKJU had organized a picnic on Sunday July 17, 2022 in Darlington Provincial Park. The weather is perfect, no rain and bearable hot. HKUAAO has over 20 participants including our president Tim Cheng, past president Lilian Ma and alumni Margaret Liu, Christina Jong, Darius Wong, TC Kwan and Sidney Chu. I am glad we have new blood joining the picnic like Thomas Law, Zoe Li, Elaine Ng and Lok Yi Lam (with the latter two just came to Toronto recently). 

May I take this opportunity to thank Liza for all the logistic work of collecting fee, distributing JU souvenir, organizing games teams and helping Tim’s wife, Annie to master the food counter. Thomas Law, our surgeon to dissect the water melons in an appropriate size to feed us all. A strong team of Zoe, Lok Yi, TC, Wendy, Sidney, Sandie and Darius to help unloading stuff and doing all chores for us. Hats off to Lilian and Tim for picking up/dropping off alumni. After all, I just want to say it’s the team work that made this event a success. I am sure we all enjoyed a great day after a long absence of in-person activity. 

By the way, congratulations to TC Kwan whom is crowned 2022 HKJU King of Frisbee Game and won $50.00. TC, you are our gem and we are proud of you. 

You can view event photos in the following link: 


Reported by Augustine Chan & Romeo Au 
Designated Representatives to HKJU 2022

May 23, 2022 HKUAAO 2022 Victoria Day Spring Hike

Bob Hunter Memorial Park & Judy’s Tropical Farm – Monday May 23, 2022

The park, being part of the Rouge National Urban Park system, commemorates Bob Hunter (1941-2005), a Canadian environmental champion, journalist and author who worked tirelessly to protect biodiversity and celebrate nature.

May 2022 HKU Virtual Walking Challenge to the Moon

The HKU Walking Challenge has been set for May 2022 with lots of prizes and giveaways, so challenge yourself, colleagues and friends! We hope to reach our target of 557,101,500 steps to the moon – a lofty target. We are confident that with the combined effort of staff, students, alumni, family and friends, we can do it!

Event period: 1st of May to 31st of May, 2022

Team registration: 1st of February to 30th of April, 2022

Participants: HKU Community (Staff, Students, Spouse, Retiree and/or Alumni, HKU Marathon Team, family and friends)

Details: Event details / Download the app

There are numerous challenge categories for our HKU Virtual Walking Challenge with Competition Categories and Prizes valuing more than $20,000 from our generous sponsors, Fitbit, Adidas and Gigasports. Free gifts and exclusive discounts will be given for the first 1,500 downloads:

• Team Winner, Runner Up & 2nd Runner Up
• Faculty, Department, College & Hall Winners
• Student Team Winner
• Best Team Name and Picture

Looking forwarding to kicking off our HKU Walking Challenge to the Moon in May!

HKU Virtual Walking Team Committee

Prizes sponsored by:

Fitbit, Adidas and Gigasports

May 14, 2022 瓜田李下 2.0 種植分享會

分享會包括:↝ 種瓜定種菜?↝ 翻土堆肥↝ 抗害除蟲↝ 地種抑盆種?等等
分享人: Steve Ng, Laurence Lai, Jimmy Ma, 及各參加者
↝電郵: nacaao@gmail.com
↝請告知您的姓名,院校,email address
Zoom 鏈接:Topic: 瓜田李下 – 瓜菜種植分享會
Time: May 14, 2022 02:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)
Join Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 945 5697 0231
Passcode: nacaao2022

February 19, 2022 HKUAAO Bordeaux Red Wine 101 Webinar

HKUAAO arranged for a webinar on February 19,2022. The webinar – Bordeaux Red Wine 101 was well received by approximately 50 attendees, including members of HKUAAO and other Ontario HKJU alumni associations.

Notice of the webinar was sent to all members of HKUAAO via eNotice 2 weeks prior to the date of the webinar.  Our representatives on the JU committee also sent notice to other Ontario HKJU alumni associations.  The presentation materials were prepared by the speaker Romeo Au, with the assistance of Maggie Poon. 

The webinar started at 3 pm on Saturday February 19, 2022 via Zoom.  After a short introduction by HKUAAO President Tim Cheng, our speaker Romeo Au made an excellent presentation covering the following:

a)     Recap of Wine Making Processes

b)     How to Read Wine Label

c)     Wine Glossary

d)     Bordeaux Wine Regions

e)     How to Appreciate

Romeo’s presentation was finished in approximately 45 minutes.  It was followed by the Q & A session.  Romeo answered a number of questions raised by the attendees, with the assistance of the moderator, Dennis Au-Yeung.

The webinar finished smoothly at around 4:30 pm.

For ease of reference of the webinar HKUAAO Bordeaux Red Wine 101, the link to the YouTube video of the webinar and the link to the presentation materials are shown below:

HKUAAO Red Wine Bordeaux 101 Webinar on February 19, 2022 

Presentation materials 

Reported by Dennis Au-Yeung

January 27, 2022 HKUAAO Introduction to Alpine Skiing in Ontario 101 Webinar

HKUAAO’s mentorship program Director Raymond Leung organized An Introduction to Alpine Skiing in Ontario 101 Zoom event on January 30 2022 evening at 8 – 9 p.m. for all winter 2022 semester HKU Mentees and interested Mentors. Those registered under the NewComers Support Program were also invited.  The presentation was given by our immediate past President Lilian Ma with technical support provided by Maggie Poon and Verdi Yau, our membership and communication Board Directors.   It was also attended by our President Tim Cheng as well as some ten other participants.

Lilian is an avid skier with over 50 years of experience in skiing and snowboarding.  She is still currently teaching skiing every winter with the High Park Ski Club in Toronto for over 22 years now.   She is a Canadian certified ski instructor and coach.  During the presentation she went through the basics of the ski equipment and clothing necessary for an enjoyable experience in the downhill skiing sport.   She also emphasized on the safety precautions, etiquettes and code of conduct on the hill, as well as the skills required to enjoy the sport in Canada.  She noted the importance of taking proper ski lessons right from the beginning from CSIA ( Canadian Ski Instructors Alliance) certified instructors who can be found in all Ontario Ski Resorts, as downhill skiing, being a fast moving sport, has some inherent risk, but taking lessons will greatly minimize the risk  and the participants can enjoy the thrill of skiing right from the start if taught the proper skills needed to deal with the physics of this fast moving sport.  She also briefly introduced the various resorts that are close by, and the COVID protocols in place, so  new comers can try out skiing in Ontario this winter as it is one of the few things open to the public during the pandemic.  

Questions and answers followed and Lilian welcomes any further questions which can be directed to her later. 

Reported by Lilian Ma