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May 28, 2023  HKJU Picnic at Sibbald Point Provincial Park

A warm sunny day on May 28, 2023, 24 HKUAAO alumni joined a picnic in the Sibbald Point Provincial Park organized by the Hong Kong Joint Universities.  I am glad that this year we have a few newcomers, such as Meko, Klaire, Irene, Wawa, Beaker and Josie/Kelvin’s family joined and shared the happiness.  Other than meeting with our old good friends, the newcomers had a great opportunity to connect with alumni from other universities to extend their personal network. 

After an hour of mingling, enjoying the live music and playing volleyball, I heard a rumbling sound from my tummy.  It soon kicked off with a table of delicious food and served with cold drinks.  Not long after, we all thumbed up for the yummy food and started off a series of exciting and fun games.

Congratulations to Sidney Chu who won 2 games (Ball throw-and-catch and the Men’s Ping pong stability run), Kelvin Cheng is the 2nd runner up in the frisbee game and Kelvin’s daughter, Mika Cheng is the 2nd runner up of the Women’s Ping pong stability run.  Hip hip hooray to Sidney, Kelvin and Mika!

I would take this opportunity to specially thank Beaker Fung for being the photographer to capture all special moments in the picnic.  Memories are timeless treasures of the heart, times come and go, memories stay forever.  These amazing pictures keep the moment from running away.

Reported by Hilton Lok 

Click here to view photo album (Photos taken by Beaker Fung)