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HKUAAO Birding under COVID-19 Pandemic (March – October 2020)


Dear Alumni,

With self-care and the pursuit of hobbies being more important than ever, we are thrilled to invite you to join us for a fun virtual session on : Birding during the COVID-19 Pandemic
on November 7, 7:30 PM EST.

During this interactive session, Dr. Michael Lam ( graduate year 1978 ) will share his experience of bird watching during the COVID-19 pandemic. In times of lockdown and isolation, bird watching itself , as a form of exercise, connects us to nature. It also allows us to interact with our friends through sharing stories, pictures and knowledge. It can be an independent sport or one that can be shared together with friends.

Join us and prepared to see wonderful photos from his photo collection, and some from other HKU birding group members too!

Please register here for this webinar if you are interested.

We hope that you’ll join us! Let us bring you to a world of beauty and wonder!

Ellen Leung
Special Interest Group – Bird Watching
Hong Kong University Alumni Association of Ontario

Date: November 7, 2020 (Saturday)
Time: 7:30 pm
Venue: Online Zoom Meeting
Cost: Free
Registration: Please register using the form below

* Zoom meeting details will be sent to all participants on November 5, 2020.

Registration is over. Thanks for your support!

September 23, 2020 HKUAAO Annual General Meeting

The 35th HKUAAO AGM was held via Zoom due to COVID 19 ban on in person indoor meeting. It was attended by 17 Alumni members and Board Directors pursuant to e-notices sent out by our Secretary, Communication and Membership Directors.  

The Board had delayed the holding of the AGM in April 2020, under normal circumstances according to our by-law.  However, delay for the AGM for 6 months was allowed due to the Pandemic under the Ontario Corporations Act through the Ontario Emergency Orders which were effective since March 17, 2020.  Also, a virtual AGM meeting format was allowed.  Unfortunately, as a result, we could not hold the usual Dinner event which normally follows the AGM as in the past.

Nevertheless, under these difficult circumstances, we did the usual formalities required such as quorum confirmation, chair and secretary for the meeting designation, as well as appointment of Scrutineers and Sargeant- at-arms for the meeting.  

Business dealt with included the receipt and adoption of the 2019 AGM minutes, President’s Report for 2019-20 and Treasurer’s Annual Financial Statement for 2019-20.

Election was held resulted in the following slate being elected: as the new Board of Directors:

Lilian Ma

Augustine Chan

Romeo Au

Tim Cheng

Verdi Yau

Maggie Poon

Franki Cheng

Raymond Leung

Dennis Au Yeung

Margaret Law

Wilson Chan

Glendy Sze

Evelyn Man ( overseas)

The AGM took one hour to complete.

On behalf of the Association, we would like to thank all the members who took time to attend the AGM.  We also thank the Board of Directors for 2019 -20 and our Honorary Advisors Irene Chu and Peggy Sum, Bassanio So, as well as our Hon. Chair Professor Tsui Lap Chi for their support.  We also thank the leaders of the various interest groups for their contributions to keep our alumni and family members together in their various interests such as birding, table tennis, hiking activities etc. throughout the year.  We hope to see each other again soon when the pandemic is over.

Reported by Lilian Ma
2019 -2020 President of the HKUAAO

HKUAAO Annual General Meeting 2020

Date: September 23, 2020 (Wednesday)
Time: 7 pm
Venue: Online Zoom Meeting

Cost: Free
Registration: Please register using the form below

We will elect the new board of directors and executive committee members for 2020 – 2021 at the A.G.M. All members are encouraged to nominate and be nominated for the Board for the coming year.

Notice of Annual General Meeting

NOTICE is hereby given that the Annual General Meeting of the Hong Kong University Alumni Association of Ontario will be held on Wednesday, the 23th day of September, 2020 at 7 p.m. by Online Zoom Meeting with the following business to be transacted: –
– To receive and consider the Annual Report for 2019-2020;
– To receive and consider the Treasurer’s Report;
– To elect directors and members of the Executive Committee of the Association for the year 2020-2021;
– To transact any other business.
AND FURTHER TAKE NOTICE that any regular member in good standing shall be entitled to nominate another regular member in good standing to the Board of Directors and to be elected to the Board and to cast vote. Any such nomination should be emailed to the Association at hkuaaont@hku.hk on or before September 10th 2020.
By the order of the Board of Directors
Pierre Fan, HKUAAO Secretary, August 30, 2020

HKUAAO AGM 2020 is over.
Thanks for your support!

Happy Easter and COVID 19 Update

Dear HKU Alumni and Members of HKUAAO:

Normally during this time around Easter the HKUAAO would have held our joyful AGM and dinner event where we would get together, say hello and renew old acquaintances. However, this year is marked by the unusual COVID-19 pandemic and it does not look like we can resume our normal programs until well after the summer months. Nevertheless, the Board of Directors would like to send a Happy Easter message to all and wish you a healthy and safe staycation with your family for the public good during these Easter holidays! We win if we are not physically together!

If you check our Alma Mater website, you will find out how HKU is responding to the impact of the COVID-19. In particular, the HKU LKS Faculty of Medicine School of Public Health has a useful website which provides up to date information on the coronavirus. Feel free to explore and follow the development at our Alma Mater.

HKUAAO, although not an organization for any designated social causes, is a responsible community group and had in the past supported issues when needed, like enhancing the awareness of the Chinese heritage, to raising fund for the SARS deceased hero,etc.

During this crisis, I am sure many of you have already extended help in one way or another to help fight the spread of COVID-19, to support our front line colleagues and to help the needy. This Update, as concerned members of community, is just a reminder for your consideration to continue to do our part to help fight the spread of the virus and to help the vulnerable in our community.

The Board of HKUAAO became aware that a number of our alumni are involved in fundraising to help fight the COVID-19 pandemic. We have listed several below for your reference. There are, of course, other organizations in the community which are carrying out similar or other activities to fight this horrible common enemy.
A campaign called by Dr. Joseph Wong https://www.stopcovid19gta.com/
A campaign partnered with Carefirst is calling for masks https://frontlinemasks.ca/
A campaign by New Horizon Lion Club and Mackenzie Health https://mhf.akaraisin.com/hostanevent/newhorizonlionsclub
A campaign for North York General Hospital https://events.nygh.on.ca/site/TR?px=1565999&fr_id=1160&pg=personal

Thank you all for your support. Let us remain optimistic and keep healthy. We hope to see you all after the summer!

Yours sincerely,

Lilian Ma (President of HKUAAO)
On behalf of all the Board Directors
Hong Kong University Alumni Association of Ontario

Update on Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Dear HKU alumni and friends,

We hope that you are keeping well and safe during the COVID-19 pandemic. While March is normally the time when the Board would be sending out e-notice to you all about the upcoming activities such as our Annual General Meeting, however it is an unusual time for us this year due to the COVID-19 situation.

Our Board members have been monitoring the situation specially about the importance of practicing social distancing as warned by public Health agencies from the federal, provincial and municipal levels. We support the notion of working together to slow down the spread of the virus, for everyone’s sake.

Rest assured that while we are postponing the timing of the AGM and dinner, and also refrain from publicising news of any other social events including Joint U activities most of those are cancelled anyway due to the pandemic, we are making sure that we have your best interest at heart.

If the situation improves, we will also consider a spring hike around May/June

Kindly be patient and await our announcement of the AGM dinner and update on social activities when the situation becomes more favourable. The Board begs your indulgence in this regard.

Yours sincerely,
Lilian Ma, President of HKUAAO

Hong Kong University Alumni Association of Ontario

October 6, 2019 HKJU (Ontario) Talent Show and Gala Dinner

Talent Show 2:00 – 6:00 pm.

The hosting university, Chu Hai Alumni Association suggested to organize a talent show instead of a sports activity for a change. The idea received huge support from all alumni associations. The event was held in Infiniti Strings’ concert hall in Markham with professional audio and video facilities.  A rehearsal was arranged two weeks before so participants could acquaint themselves with the venue and audio/visual facilities to raise a notch in their performance.

You could not believe how good the performances were. All participants had shown their utmost professionalism, dedication and put on their best effort to entertain the audience. Together with the audio, video and special effects, I must say close to 200 audience could not imagine these ‘amateurs’ can put up such an excellent show that they can talk for weeks, if not months.

Over 30 alumni came to enjoy and show support to our mini musical drama led by our Eddie Ho, Maggie Poon, Margaret Law and Verdi Yau. Their act微型音樂劇:家豪與愛玲won the Favourite Performance (最受歡迎獎), one of the four awards. The other awards went to:

浸會大學 (Baptist U) – Award of Creativity (最佳創意獎) – Dancing: Dark Forces  

嶺南大學 (LingNan U) – Best Costume & Make Up Design (最佳做型獎) : 古箏妙韻樂悠揚

理工大學 (Polytechnic U) – Award of Excellence (最專業演出獎) 婦唱夫彈 : 情意兩漫漫

Congratulation to all winners and also to all performers. Without them, we could not have a wonderful and enjoyable afternoon to share with our families and friends.

In case you wonder what had been performed during the Talent Show, below please find the programs for your ‘imagination’.

程序 型式 項目 演出校友
1 樂器 西樂伴奏 : 金曲 Medley 中文大學
2 歌曲/舞蹈 經典”君”曲巡禮 浸會大學
3 舞蹈 Zumba勁舞賀JU 樹仁大學
4 歌曲 廣東小調:風流夢 珠海大學
5 歌曲 難忘金曲 : 聽海 珠海大學
6 中國工夫 虎鶴雙形拳 理工大學
7 樂器 古箏妙韻樂悠揚:山丹丹開花紅豔豔  /  瀏陽河 嶺南大學
8 音樂劇 微型音樂劇:家豪與愛玲 香港大學
9 舞蹈 Waltz舞翩翩 理工大學
10 歌曲 粵曲:山伯哭英台 珠海大學
11 特式 「但願人長久」朗誦,歌唱,書法,中樂伴奏 中文大學
12 歌曲 經典金曲:愛到發燒 理工大學
13 樂器 二胡合奏 : 彩雲追月 科技大學
14 舞蹈 Dancing : Dark Forces 浸會大學
15 歌曲 粵曲小調 : 樓台會 樹仁大學
16 歌曲 中西樂韻:一生最愛/ O Mio Babbino Caro 嶺南大學
17 歌曲 金曲 : 祝我幸福 樹仁大學
18 歌曲/樂器 婦唱夫彈 : 情意兩漫漫 理工大學
Gala Dinner – 6:00 – 11:00 pm.

As usual, JU committee had arranged a gala dinner right after the Talent Show and almost 300 alumni, guest, families and friends had attended. They made use of this banquet to celebrate all the hard work, efforts they had given for all JU activities organized in 2019. HKUAAO had 60 alumni came to share the fun and joy. During the banquet, a lot of thoughtful performances were organized and especially the repeated performance of the awards winners in the Talent Show to give those who were not able to come in the afternoon.

The evening included passing the baton to 2020 JU hosting university – Polytechnic University Alumni Association and souvenir presentation to our long time sponsor – Hong Kong Economics and Trade Office (Toronto). Together with nice people, good food, excellent performances and warm atmosphere, JU alumni, families and friends left the gala dinner full of joy and happiness and anticipated to return in 2020.

Reported by Romeo Au

Click here to view photo album

Photo by KC Choi

Hong Kong Joint Universities (HKJU) in Ontario Activities Update

Dear Alumni,

I am sure we are looking forward to the HKJU annual function on this Sunday Oct, 6, 2019. I just reiterate the events on the day if you by chance have missed our previous notice.

A. HKJU Talent Show

Date: Sunday October 6, 2019
Time: 13:30 – 17:00
Venue: Infiniti Music Hall Unit 1, 351 Ferrier St., Markham ON L35 5Z2

There will be 18 programmes like singing, dancing, kung-fu, musical instrument, drama etc. perform by different alumni. I enclose a program for your reference. Over 30 HKUAAO alumni already committed to show up to give full support for the performers.

HKUAAO will perform a 20 minutes musical ‘家豪與愛玲’. Director, script writer and performers are Verdi Yau and Maggie Poon. The story is about the love story of a young couple during World War II in Hong Kong and Canada. Together with alumni Margaret Law, Eddie Ho, Danny Leung, Sylvia Tang and Thomas Law and 4 songs (Beyond <<十八>>, 大壯<<我們不一樣>>, Simon & Garfunkel <<Sound of Silence>> and Beyond <<光輝歲月>>) are incorporated in the drama, I just can’t wait to see their performance. If you have time, please come and cheer for them.

Seats are limited and HKJU will try to accommodate everyone to the best of the situation. Entrance is prohibited when program begins and allowed during the interval of each program. Therefore please be considerate and patience at times.

In addition, parking is limited. Please come by car pool or ask people to drop off you to the venue. If you by chance can find a spot in front of Infiniti Strings, make sure you can park in Unit 1 spot only. However, you are free to park any spaces at the back of the building since most offices are off in weekend. If full, you can try side streets or plaza nearby.

B. HKJU Gala DinnerDate: Sunday October 06, 2019
Time: 18:00 – 22:00
Venue: Casa Victoria Fine Dining (紫爵金宴)  
             Unit 4-6, 8601 Warden Ave. Markham, ON  L3R 0B5
Cost: $50.00 per person

The response is excellent and we will have close to 30 tables. Registration is closed and over 60 HKUAAO alumni and their friends will celebrate the JU spirits together. For those who have registered, you should receive an email from me in the next day or so. Please contact romeoyhau@hotmail.com (416-529-3361) if you don’t.

Hoping to see you all on this Sunday.


Romeo Au
Designated Representative to HKJU 2019

September 29, 2019 HKUAAO 2019 Fall Hike

The Fall Hike on Sept 29, 2019 took place in the Bob Hunter Memorial Park in Markham. The park, being part of the Rouge National Park System, commemorates Bob Hunter (1941-2005), a Canadian environmental champion who worked tirelessly to protect biodiversity and celebrate nature.  It was a beautiful Sunday with fresh Crispy Fall air. There were 18 alumni from HKUAAO participating. Together with another hiking group led by Mr. Wong, we had total of 40 hikers altogether. We hiked for about 2 hours and then followed with a visit to the nearby farm, Judy’s Tropical Farm. The hike ended at around 5pm. After the hike, HKUAAO alumni joined the other hiking group and had a dinner in a restaurant in Markham.
Reported by Glendy Sze

Click here to view photo album

September 29, 2019 HKUAAO 2019 Fall Hike

Bob Hunter Memorial Park & Judy’s Tropical Farm – Sunday September 29, 2019

Please join your HKU alumni and friends for a hike in the Bob Hunter Memorial Park in Markham. The park, being part of the Rouge National Urban Park system, commemorates Bob Hunter (1941-2005), a Canadian environmental champion, journalist and author who worked tirelessly to protect biodiversity and celebrate nature.

Meeting time/place: 1:30 pm at Bob Hunter Memorial Park parking lot.

Meeting place: Parking area at 7277 14th Avenue
Parking: Free, but limited
Washroom: A portable washroom is seasonally available near the parking lot 

Directions: Go east on Steeles Ave East, turn left on Ressor Rd., turn left on 14thAvenue, turn left to Bob Hunter Memorial Park parking lot.

We will do a 8-9 km loop in about 2 – 3 hours, followed by a visit to a farm (Judy’s Tropical Farm).

The hike should be completed at around 4 pm or so.

Cost of hike : free


Dinner time : 6 pm   

Venue : Grand Lake Chinese Cuisine (太湖盛宴), at 8362 Kennedy Rd, at SW Hwy 7 & Kennedy, Markham. 

Estimated dinner cost : about $25 per head

Please register by using the online registration form or via email to :

Glendy Sze (glsze@rogers.com) or Augustine Chan (augustinetoronto@hotmail.com) before Sept 23 (Monday) if you are interested. Please provide your name and contact phone number, as well as emergency contact person (name and phone). Please indicate if you will join dinner as well.

Note – According to Public Health Ontario, estimated risk areas for ticks & Lyme disease in Ontario have expanded this year. The following are tips on tick protection:

  • wear long sleeves, light-coloured clothing with everything tucked in 
  • wear bug repellant 
  • stay in the middle of trails 
  • take a bath or shower after a hike 
  • always do your checks after a hike because a tick could be as small as a poppy seed 

Click here for more information about Lyme Disease

All registrants and their guests are asked to read the waiver as follow.* 

Click here to read HKUAAO – Waiver of Liability and Assumption of Risk

By registering, you are acknowledging that you and your guests have read, understood, accepted and will abide the terms and conditions of the said waiver.

See you soon!

June 22, 2019 HKJU Summer Picnic – Sibbald Point Provincial Park

Almost 100 JU alumni, families and friends attended the summer picnic in Sibbald Point Provincial, south east of Lake Simco, about an hour drive from downtown Toronto. The picnic provided a chance for us to take a break and enjoy the country side on a lovely sunny day. Under the lead of our President, Lilian Ma, HKUAAO had a contingent of 12 people. She also brought her 3 cutie doggies along.

Various activities were organized including hiking along the park and the lakeshore, photos shooting, games involved individuals and groups. All alumni were heavily involved and participated fully in the activities. The organizer also brought in a professional photographer taking aerial photos for us with a drone. Most of us were excited and tons of photos were captured. The organizer had provided an excellent choice of food highlighted with 2 roasted pigs to fill our stomach. Some alumni said they needed to do more exercise after to dust off a few pounds. In the picnic, we had the opportunity to make new friends with other JU alumni as well as understanding more of our own. I am sure we all had a good time and enjoyed the day.

I would like to thank the support of Christina Jong & Sam Grey, Darius & Amy Wong, Irene & Jason Yee, Margaret & Albert Liu, Lilian Ma & Mark Spragett, Liza Tsui to make our event memorable.

Click here to view photo album

Reported by Romeo Au