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Recap of HKU Mentorship Program 2018

There had been nine mentees from HKU for the fall of 2018 semester and seven mentees for the winter of 2019 semester, for a total of 16 mentees for the 2018 -2019 academic year. 10 Mentors from the HKUOAA stepped up to the plate and participated in this program to contribute to the mentees’ experience in Canada and provided support and guidance during their stay. Mentees attended Universities like Toronto, Waterloo, Western, Queen’s and York and covered disciplines such as Medicine, Business, Engineering, Law, Arts, Economics and Actuarial and Social Sciences. Mentees enjoyed hiking, dining and other social events during their stay. Many remained in contact even after they returned home to Hong Kong. It is a way that HKU alumni can give back to the Alma Mater. If you are interested in becoming one of the mentors in the coming year, please contact lilianma@bellnet.ca
Reported by Lilian Ma