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October 6, 2019 HKJU (Ontario) Talent Show and Gala Dinner

Talent Show 2:00 – 6:00 pm.

The hosting university, Chu Hai Alumni Association suggested to organize a talent show instead of a sports activity for a change. The idea received huge support from all alumni associations. The event was held in Infiniti Strings’ concert hall in Markham with professional audio and video facilities.  A rehearsal was arranged two weeks before so participants could acquaint themselves with the venue and audio/visual facilities to raise a notch in their performance.

You could not believe how good the performances were. All participants had shown their utmost professionalism, dedication and put on their best effort to entertain the audience. Together with the audio, video and special effects, I must say close to 200 audience could not imagine these ‘amateurs’ can put up such an excellent show that they can talk for weeks, if not months.

Over 30 alumni came to enjoy and show support to our mini musical drama led by our Eddie Ho, Maggie Poon, Margaret Law and Verdi Yau. Their act微型音樂劇:家豪與愛玲won the Favourite Performance (最受歡迎獎), one of the four awards. The other awards went to:

浸會大學 (Baptist U) – Award of Creativity (最佳創意獎) – Dancing: Dark Forces  

嶺南大學 (LingNan U) – Best Costume & Make Up Design (最佳做型獎) : 古箏妙韻樂悠揚

理工大學 (Polytechnic U) – Award of Excellence (最專業演出獎) 婦唱夫彈 : 情意兩漫漫

Congratulation to all winners and also to all performers. Without them, we could not have a wonderful and enjoyable afternoon to share with our families and friends.

In case you wonder what had been performed during the Talent Show, below please find the programs for your ‘imagination’.

程序 型式 項目 演出校友
1 樂器 西樂伴奏 : 金曲 Medley 中文大學
2 歌曲/舞蹈 經典”君”曲巡禮 浸會大學
3 舞蹈 Zumba勁舞賀JU 樹仁大學
4 歌曲 廣東小調:風流夢 珠海大學
5 歌曲 難忘金曲 : 聽海 珠海大學
6 中國工夫 虎鶴雙形拳 理工大學
7 樂器 古箏妙韻樂悠揚:山丹丹開花紅豔豔  /  瀏陽河 嶺南大學
8 音樂劇 微型音樂劇:家豪與愛玲 香港大學
9 舞蹈 Waltz舞翩翩 理工大學
10 歌曲 粵曲:山伯哭英台 珠海大學
11 特式 「但願人長久」朗誦,歌唱,書法,中樂伴奏 中文大學
12 歌曲 經典金曲:愛到發燒 理工大學
13 樂器 二胡合奏 : 彩雲追月 科技大學
14 舞蹈 Dancing : Dark Forces 浸會大學
15 歌曲 粵曲小調 : 樓台會 樹仁大學
16 歌曲 中西樂韻:一生最愛/ O Mio Babbino Caro 嶺南大學
17 歌曲 金曲 : 祝我幸福 樹仁大學
18 歌曲/樂器 婦唱夫彈 : 情意兩漫漫 理工大學
Gala Dinner – 6:00 – 11:00 pm.

As usual, JU committee had arranged a gala dinner right after the Talent Show and almost 300 alumni, guest, families and friends had attended. They made use of this banquet to celebrate all the hard work, efforts they had given for all JU activities organized in 2019. HKUAAO had 60 alumni came to share the fun and joy. During the banquet, a lot of thoughtful performances were organized and especially the repeated performance of the awards winners in the Talent Show to give those who were not able to come in the afternoon.

The evening included passing the baton to 2020 JU hosting university – Polytechnic University Alumni Association and souvenir presentation to our long time sponsor – Hong Kong Economics and Trade Office (Toronto). Together with nice people, good food, excellent performances and warm atmosphere, JU alumni, families and friends left the gala dinner full of joy and happiness and anticipated to return in 2020.

Reported by Romeo Au

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Photo by KC Choi