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June 22, 2019 HKJU Summer Picnic – Sibbald Point Provincial Park

Almost 100 JU alumni, families and friends attended the summer picnic in Sibbald Point Provincial, south east of Lake Simco, about an hour drive from downtown Toronto. The picnic provided a chance for us to take a break and enjoy the country side on a lovely sunny day. Under the lead of our President, Lilian Ma, HKUAAO had a contingent of 12 people. She also brought her 3 cutie doggies along.

Various activities were organized including hiking along the park and the lakeshore, photos shooting, games involved individuals and groups. All alumni were heavily involved and participated fully in the activities. The organizer also brought in a professional photographer taking aerial photos for us with a drone. Most of us were excited and tons of photos were captured. The organizer had provided an excellent choice of food highlighted with 2 roasted pigs to fill our stomach. Some alumni said they needed to do more exercise after to dust off a few pounds. In the picnic, we had the opportunity to make new friends with other JU alumni as well as understanding more of our own. I am sure we all had a good time and enjoyed the day.

I would like to thank the support of Christina Jong & Sam Grey, Darius & Amy Wong, Irene & Jason Yee, Margaret & Albert Liu, Lilian Ma & Mark Spragett, Liza Tsui to make our event memorable.

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Reported by Romeo Au