[HKU in Films] 流氓醫生 (1995) | 追女仔 (1981) | 錢作怪 (1980)

沿登往西高山的路上,薄扶林水塘旁,坐落著逾160年歷史的香港大學大學堂 (University Hall)。建於1861年,大學堂是香港僅存擁有城堡外貌的建築之一。本期「電影中的港大」將在光影中,帶大家探索這座古蹟的不同角落。 
Along the path to the High West Hill, next to Pok Fu Lam Reservoir, lies University Hall, a castle with more than 160 years of history. Built in 1861, U Hall is one of the few remaining buildings in Hong Kong with a castle structure. HKU in Films Part 4 will explore this historical site and introduce three HK films filmed in this iconic castle.

01 Doctor Mack 《流氓醫生》 
Director & Writer: Lee Chi-Ngai (李志毅) 
Starring: Tony Leung (梁朝偉), Sean Lau (劉青雲), Christy Chung (鍾麗緹), Alex To (杜德偉) 
Release year: 1995 

The University Hall is featured as the “Faculty of Medicine” in the film, where the main character Doctor Mack finished his study at.  

The iconic stone staircase at the main entrance welcomes everyone who pays a visit. 

The golden spiral staircase is one of the “three treasures” of U Hall

銅梯盡頭通往Hall Library 
If you walk down the golden staircase, you will find that it leads to the Hall library.
Fun fact – the actual library in U Hall is located next to the room that was set up like a library. The below filming location is actually an empty room.

Dining Hall則是電影中劉文醫生面臨吊銷醫生執照危機時,醫學委員會舉辦的聽證會取景地。 
Dining Hall transformed into a formal hearing chamber. In the movie, the hearing was held by the Medical Committee when Doctor Mack faced the crisis of revoking his doctor’s license.

Do you know where the following scenes were filmed at? Feel free to have a guess! 


02 Chasing Girls 《追女仔》 
Director & Producer: Karl Maka (麥嘉) 
Screenplay by: Raymond Wong (黃百鳴) 
Starring: Dean Shek (石天), Flora Chong-Leen (張天愛), Lan-His Liu (劉藍溪), Eric Tsang (曾志偉) 
Release year: 1981 

At the end of the movie, the male protagonist rides a motorbike all the way up into the University Hall. He even breaks through the wooden door to the wedding in order to take away the female protagonist. 

Dining Hall化身舉辦婚禮的教堂 
For this movie, the Dining Hall transformed into a church where the wedding was held. 

*追女仔》於上世紀80年代拍攝,而大學堂在電影上映14年後的 1995年 正式被列為法定古蹟。想必,今時今日應該無法在大學堂重現戲中的如此橋段了。 
*After the movie “Chasing Girls” was filmed in the 1980s, the Exterior of University Hall was officially declared a monument in 1995. Indeed, if such a scene is to be reproduced in U Hall, it may not be possible.


03 From Riches to Rags 《錢作怪》 
Director & Writer: John Woo (吳宇森) 
Producer: Sammo Hung (洪金寶) 
Starring: Ricky Hui (許冠英), Johnny Koo (古國華), Jojo Chan (陳琪琪), Yik Ga (亦嘉) 
Release year: 1980 

主角阿英和肥仔兩兄弟為了躲避殺手而逃進的精神病院外景拍攝於大學堂,這也許是U Hall在諸多電影中最特別的一次「客串」。 
The exterior shot of the mental hospital, where the two main protagonists of the film escaped from the killer, was filmed at the University Hall. This may be the most special “cameo” of U Hall in films. 

Do you know any other movies that are filmed at HKU? 
Feel free to let us know and share with us photos or stories on the HKU campus. ❤️ 

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