[Jun 4 – Jul 2] HKU Architecture Degree Show 2023
[Until Aug 27] Pablo Picasso: Paintings in Glass 巴勃羅・畢加索:玻璃畫像
[Jun 10] My WORLD HERITAGE Travels by Vincent Ko 我的世界文化遺產之旅
[May 27 / 28] HKU Alumni Dim Sum Gathering at Chicago Chinatown
[May 21] Dinner with Professor Xiang Zhang in British Columbia, Canada
[May 20] HKUAA of Northern California Luncheon with Professor Xiang Zhang
[May 10] Making Learning Visible: The Sequel
[May 10] 2023 Asia Global Institute X Institute of China Economy Trade Conference
[May 20] HKUAA UK Chapter AGM & Chinese Luncheon
[Apr 2] The Brain Under Attack
[Mar 29] The Cashless Revolution: China’s Reinvention of Money and the End of America’s Domination of Finance and Technology
[Apr 3] HKU President’s Forum
[Mar 21] The Metaverse Heatwave
[Mar 22] AI Entrepreneurship and Career Opportunities
[Mar 14] Mapping Hong Kong with anothermountainman: When Art and the City Intersect
[Mar 10] Why We Cannot Look away from ESG
[Mar 13] The Journey of a Hong Kong Landscape Photographer: Kelvin Yuen | HKUFAAA
[Mar 26] HKUAA – Northern California Chapter | Spring Event
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