[Apr 18] Lung Fu Shan Plant Drawing Workshop
[Apr 17] 治療乳癌跟血癌的新進展
[Apr 13] Towards a New Era of Great Power Rivalry
[Now – Apr 14] Ecology in the Making (1816-present)
[Apr 15] A New Political Economy of Teacher Development: England as Eccentric Outlier or Game-changing Forerunner?
[Apr 21] Book Webinar by Professor Wang Gungwu
[23 Feb – 20 Jun] Colours of Congo: Patterns, Symbols and Narratives in 20th-Century Congolese Paintings
[Mar 15 – Apr 18] 90th Anniversary Exhibition of Chinese Society, Arts Association HKUSU
[Apr 9] How the Rise of China Challenges Global Regulation?
[Apr 9] The Gong Strikes One’s Naamyam
[Apr 10] Neuroplasticity of the Human Brain
[Apr 10] Discovering and describing new insect species – the huge reservoir of unknown biodiversity in Hong Kong
[Apr 8] Hong Kong’s Journey to Become the World’s Longest Living Population
[Apr 2] JC-WISE Water Fun Fest (Sha Tin) 沙田識水嘉年華
[Mar 26] 陳慶恩教授與吳展滔示範及講解經典作品
[Mar 23] Fireside Chat: Let’s Keep Rolling 一齊好好拍電影
[Mar 25] Book Talk: The ABCs of Building Control in Hong Kong
[Mar 27] JC-WISE Public Lecture: Be a Smart Water User
[Mar 12] Rethinking the city and innovation: A political economic view from China’s biotech
[Mar 5 – 28] “Impossible Bricks” Exhibition and Workshops @ PMQ
[Mar 9] Women & Leadership. Gender Equality in Finland and the EU: Successes and Challenges
[Mar 23] China and Debt-Trap Diplomacy: Fact or Fiction?
[Feb 20] 絲-緙絲-刺繡
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