[Dec 12] Fireside Chat with Prof Chenming Hu | HKUAA Northern California
[Dec 11] All The Things You Are: Patrick Lui Jazz Orchestra
[Dec 11] JC-WISE 水資源全面睇座談會:河邊有隻雀
[Aug 11 – Jan 2] High Gothic: Christian Art and Iconography of the 13th-14th Century
[Nov 26] Fireside Chat with Felix Kwok, Jestina Tang and Gabe Chan of Sotheby’s Asia
[Nov 22] The Hong Kong University Philharmonic Orchestra Annual Performance 2021
[Nov 22] Edward K Y Chen Distinguished Lecture Series 2021
[Nov 9] 勞雙恩 x 陳岡 : 人.情.味 – 非 Master Class
[Until Nov 10] Ecology in the Making (1816-present)
[Oct 20] The Global Race for Talent: Where Does Hong Kong Stand?
[Oct 15] JC-WISE “My River, My Community”: Sheung Yue River (雙魚河) Catchment
[Oct 13] Fireside Wed 校友本色 | Ep 3: Elaine Chiu – City Artist
[Oct 16] Exoskeleton Paraplegic Walkathon for spinal cord injury recovery
[Sep 29] Urban Farming as a Method – Building a Sustainable and Resilient Future
[Sep24] Chinese Reverse Glass Paintings from the Mei Lin Collection
[Oct 5] Digital Transformation and its Impact on Human Capital Management
[Oct 19] REFLECTIONS Childhood, Student Days, Law and Other Writings
[Oct 8] For the End of Time: 80 Years of the Messiaen Quartet
[Sep 29] Taxing China’s Ultra-Rich and Digital Giants
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