[Sep 29] Urban Farming as a Method – Building a Sustainable and Resilient Future
[Sep24] Chinese Reverse Glass Paintings from the Mei Lin Collection
[Oct 5] Digital Transformation and its Impact on Human Capital Management
[Oct 19] REFLECTIONS Childhood, Student Days, Law and Other Writings
[Oct 8] For the End of Time: 80 Years of the Messiaen Quartet
[Sep 29] Taxing China’s Ultra-Rich and Digital Giants
[Sep 28] We, the Robots? Regulating Artificial Intelligence and the Limits of the Law
[Sep – Oct] Ink Art and New Music
[Aug 11 – Jan 2] High Gothic: Christian Art and Iconography of the 13th-14th Century
[Until Nov 7] 窯火純青 Glazed and Fired: Celadon Ceramics from the UMAG Collection
[Sep 23] Painting Myanmar’s Transition
[Sep 21] Financing the Future: Green Macroprudential Policies across the World
[Sep 20] The Future of Hong Kong’s Public Finances: Spend Now, Tax Later?
[Sep 17] Free Speech in Universities
[Sep 11] 《醫研薈萃》認識常見腦科疾病 – 中風及柏金遜症
[Sep 17] Educating Learners for Their Future – Not Our Past
[Aug 18] Listening through the Unheard
[Aug 17] Small Government: Time for a Rethink?
[Jul 26 – Aug 27] 100th Anniversary of Women’s Suffrage in America
[Jul 27] Crossing Boundaries: What’s next for digital wallets in the Greater Bay Area?
[Jul 24] Biennales: Theatre(s) of Global Art?
[Jul 20] The Singapore Story and Brand in a Post-Pandemic World
[Jul 15] Mingled Voices International Proverse Poetry Prize Anthologies, 1-5
[Jul 16] 在變幻莫測的世界中探索香港金融服務業的發展
[Jul 5 – 16] “Beyond What We See – First-year Architecture students interpreting the city” Exhibition @ PMQ
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