[Dec 17] 《醫研薈萃》銀屑病
[Dec 12] Producing a 21st Century Doctor
[Dec 15] Land, Labour, and Life: Education for Rural Development
[Dec 18] Messiah Sing-Along 眾聲齊頌《彌賽亞》2022
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[Till Dec 6] On the Geology Trail: Poland’s Distinctive Landforms
[Till Dec 22] Beauty and Treasures: Block-printed Editions of the Song Dynasty
[Until Feb 26, 2023] 困乏多情 香江藝緣:丁衍庸的中西藝術
[Dec 11] Kit Armstrong in Recital
(15% off with discount code: Alumni15)
[Now till Dec 11] Blown and Tooled 匠藝琉光
[Nov 28] The Protests in Iran: What’s Happening and Why it Matters
[Nov 27] The Future Science Prize Award Ceremony 2022
[Nov 30] 馬不停蹄 — 從跑馬地到沙田再返港大:新書講座及簽書會
[Nov 26] 《醫研薈萃》內分泌科搞邊科
[Nov 5] Yu Long | Fauré Requiem
[Oct 30] George Crumb’s Black Angels 克倫姆的《黑天使》
[Oct 24] Festschrift & Valedictory Lecture – “Yours Ever” by Professor Gabriel Leung
[Oct 15] 《醫研薈萃》認識我們的心臟
[Oct 13] Tech Talk Series: Micro-robots powered by stimuli-responsive materials
[Oct 27] 香港大學馮平山圖書館九十周年館慶系列:從《讓我們現在讚揚名人吧》談起
[Oct 11] Powerful Pedagogy Post Pandemics
[Sep 30] Asian Premiere: New Works by Faculty and Student Composers
[Sep 26] Strategic Scientific and Technological Capacity Building in Clinical Medicine
[Oct 6] 早期香港傑出華商 | 香港大學馮平山圖書館九十周年館慶系列
[Until Sep 16] Medicine and Healthcare Through the Lens of Digital Art
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