[Mar 21] The Metaverse Heatwave
[Mar 22] AI Entrepreneurship and Career Opportunities
[Mar 26] HKUAA – Northern California Chapter | Spring Event
[Until Apr 30] Red and Blue and White: Yuan and Early Ming Dynasty Ceramics from the Jinglexuan Collection
[Mar 14] Mapping Hong Kong with anothermountainman: When Art and the City Intersect
[Mar 10] Why We Cannot Look away from ESG
[Mar 13] The Journey of a Hong Kong Landscape Photographer: Kelvin Yuen | HKUFAAA
[Mar 5] HK Phil × HKU MUSE: 7 Double Basses
[Mar 3] History of Hong Kong Education System and the Challenges of Founding HKU
[Feb 28] Africa in and beyond China’s BRI: Development and Security in a New Era of Global Competition
[Mar 6] A Trailblazing American Venture in China
[Mar 3] How does ChatGPT obtain its ability and its impacts
[Feb 14] Chinese Aircraft Grounded at Kai Tak 1949-1952
[Mar 7] Metaverse in China
[Feb 23] Adaptable AI-enabled Robots to Create a Vibrant Society – Moonshot R&D Program in Japan
[Feb 28] US-China-Japan Relations in the Asia Pacific
[Feb 16] The Power of Meditation
[Feb 16] Talk: Bernard Shaw and Sir Robert Ho Tung
[Feb 13] G.B. Shaw: Ireland’s Nobel Laureate in HKU – 90 Years On 文學足跡:蕭伯納訪港大九十週年
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