[May 20] Bullets and Ballots: US Policy in an Election Year
[Apr 28-29] Hong Kong-Shanghai AI Forum 2024 – Generative AI; Innovation And Collaboration
[Apr 24] The Global Race to Regulate AI and Its Impact on National Competitiveness
[Apr 21] Are we all Buddhas by Nature?
[Apr 20] 安享天年必修科:平安三寶基礎班
[Until Apr 29] 《靳埭强 心路 · 足跡》 Kan Tai Keung’s Mind and His Own Steps
[Mar 25] Global Trade Modernization Index 2024 Beta Edition Launch
[Feb 11] HKUAANC Lunar New Year Lunch and Fireside Chat with Entrepreneur
[Feb 13] HKUGA Ex-Sham Shui Po Service Reservoir Guided Tour
[Nov 30] 向先行者致敬:《香港大學世紀之問 —— 改革開放初期與內地交流的人和事》新書發佈會
[Until 18 Feb, 2024] COUPLET PAIR REBUS: The Principle of Cause and Effect in Art Exhibition
[Nov 16] Museums Collecting Digital Art: Obligation or Burden?
[Nov 10] Voices from the Global South: A Dialogue with AsiaGlobal Fellows
[Nov 1] Revisit “Two Systems” — How Hong Kong Can Keep Competitive Amid Increasing Geopolitical Tensions
[Nov 6] Grow your Ambition – with Public Support: Challenge for NPOs
[Oct 30] Join the Halloween Mini Marathon
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