[May 31] Centre for Water Technology and Policy – Recruitment Talk
[May 24] 中醫藥轉換醫學講座系列
[Jun 11] Deepening Children’s Learning with Virtual Reality
[May 26 ] The Road to Serfdom or Freedom? Urban Governance, Civic Engagement, and Contentious Politics in Guangdong
[May 26 ] Book Talk: Poverty Alleviation in Responding to UN Sustainable Development Goals (2030): A Case in Hong Kong by Prof. Paul Siu Fai Yip
[May 28 ] Messiaen’s Colourful Gazes
[May 18 ] Nationalist Internationalism: International Exhibition of Chinese Art, 1935
[May 24 & 25 ] COVID-19, Borders, and the Law
[May 27 ] Student and Teacher Well-being: The Singapore Experience
[May 18 ] “Data is the New Art Form” Art Competition 2022
[May 12 ] The Coming Era of Medicine, Health and Public Health
[May 15 ] HK PHIL x HKU MUSE Orchestral Spotlights: VIOLA
[May 5 ] Blurring the Color Line: Screening and Q&A with the Director Crystal Kwok
[Apr 28] Presidential elections in France Roundtable webinar
[Apr 30] Water For Food: A dialogue with local farmers 港農講水
[Apr 15] Reminiscences of Ting Yin Yung
[Mar 26] Nurturing a Healthy Voice with Your Children
[Apr 6] Central Bank Digital Currencies: Motives, Economic Implications and the Research Frontier
[Mar 31] Animation as a Way of Seeing: The Afterlife of Chinese Painting and Calligraphy 
[Mar 9] 《醫生與你》- 同行抗疫
[Mar 15, 18, 22 & 25] Career Aspiration – Big-data programmes for Secondary School Students & Parents
[Mar 31] Rethinking Educational Excellence: New Perspectives on Developing Student Talent
[Feb 23] HKUBSAA Webinar Series: The Far-reaching Impact of Fintech on Hong Kong’s Banking and Finance Industry
[Feb 7] Mindful Monday
[Feb 24] Innovation in Electrochemical Technologies for the Low Carbon Energy Transition
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