[Nov 30] 向先行者致敬:《香港大學世紀之問 —— 改革開放初期與內地交流的人和事》新書發佈會
[Until 18 Feb, 2024] COUPLET PAIR REBUS: The Principle of Cause and Effect in Art Exhibition
[Nov 16] Museums Collecting Digital Art: Obligation or Burden?
[Nov 10] Voices from the Global South: A Dialogue with AsiaGlobal Fellows
[Nov 1] Revisit “Two Systems” — How Hong Kong Can Keep Competitive Amid Increasing Geopolitical Tensions
[Nov 6] Grow your Ambition – with Public Support: Challenge for NPOs
[Oct 30] Join the Halloween Mini Marathon
[Until Nov 8] “111 Dreams” Sculpture Exhibition by Professor Norman Ko Wah-Man
[Oct 27] HKUGA 47th Anniversary Dinner & New Graduates Celebration
[Nov 5] Impromptu: ‘Beethoven in Beijing’ Screening & Discussion 漫興樂想:《貝多芬在北京》放映座談
[Oct 4] Exploration & Education: From 20th to 21st Century – Public Lecture by Dr Wong How Man
[Aug 26 – Sep 9] Landscapes in Memory: Chinese Landscapes Painting Workshop 山水憶遊 — 水墨畫工作坊
[Sep 23] Hornell Hall 康寧堂 70th Anniversary Reunion Dinner
[Until Jul 25] HKU Press at Hong Kong Book Fair 2023
[Until Sep 30] 眼底山川 — 饒宗頤教授寰宇藝踪 Embracing Landscapes: The Artistic Journey of Professor Jao Tsung-I
[Jul 8] HKUEdAA Seminar on “Surplus of School Places in Hong Kong”
[Jul 7] 香港大學利瑪竇宿舍呈獻 : 《唐詩三百秒》首映禮
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