HKU Alumni featured on GenT List 2023

Congratulations to our five remarkable HKU Alumni & HKU members who have been recognized in Tatler’s Gen.T list 2023! We are incredibly proud of their achievements and contributions to various fields, from technology to sustainability and beyond.

Carol Chow (BEng(CIV-ENV) 2004)
Founder & Chairperson of Lofter Group
For breaking into Hong Kong’s competitive real estate industry

“Carol Chow grew up in public housing and started her business in 2012 renovating dilapidated old properties. Her company, Lofter Group, has since grown into an insurgent success in the city’s real estate market, focusing on redeveloping buildings and attracting money from third-party investors.”

Henry Tse (LLM(HR) Alumnus)
Co-Founder of Transgender Equality HK
For advocating for transgender rights

“Having fought—and won—his own protracted legal battle for gender recognition in the Hong Kong courts, trans activist Henry Tse started NGO Transgender Equality Hong Kong to ensure others in the same situation are provided with support. His organisation campaigns on a range of trans rights issues, with a particular focus on disadvantaged groups such as ethnic minorities and people with disabilities.”

Manisha Wijesinghe (LLM(HR) 2014)
Executive Director at HELP for Domestic Workers
For coming to the aid of Hong Kong’s migrant domestic workers

“Help for Domestic Workers, [is] an NGO that ensures Hong Kong’s migrant domestic workers are given the protections they deserve. It provides everything from legal help and education on rights to mental health support and an emergency shelter.”

Wiva Wei (BBA(Acc&Fin) 2019)
Founder & CEO of Infanity3D
For building the holographic future

“Infanity3D is an innovation lab that focuses on developing cutting-edge, ROI-driven digital products for clients. It is best known for its three-dimensional holographic imaging system, which launched in 2016 and presents sharply detailed, vivid images without the need to wear a headset.”

Alicia Lui (Universitas 21 Health Sciences Group Secretariat, based in HKU Med)
Founder of Women In Sports Empowered Hong Kong (WISE)
For showing women that sport is for them

“Alicia Lui is using sport as a tool for gender empowerment, particularly for those from underprivileged backgrounds. The organisation she founded, Women In Sports Empowered Hong Kong (Wise), runs sports programmes in local schools and a workplace mentoring initiative.”

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