HKU Alumni @ Forbes 30 under 30 Asia 2023

Big congratulations to HKU Alumni and members Elaine Chiu (BA 2018), Utkarsh Goel (BEng(CompSc) 2020), Sidhant Gupta (BEng(CE) 2019), Terence Hon (BBA 2019), Ben So (BEcon&Fin 2019) and Dr Liu Qi (Assistant Professor at Department of Computer Science, HKU) for being listed in the Forbes 30 under 30 Asia, Class of 2023!

Elaine Chiu (BA 2018) | Artist

“… a Hong Kong artist whose urban sketching and painting of Hong Kong cityscapes explores the city’s rapid development while aiming to preserve its heritage and culture. Chiu says her greatest achievements include joining the permanent exhibitions at The University Museum and Art Gallery at HKU and K11 Art Foundation … Chiu, who has a bachelor’s degree in art history from University of Hong Kong, was recently named a winner of Societe Generale’s Hong Kong Call for Artists Programme 2022.”

Terence Hon (BBA 2019) & Ben So (BEcon&Fin 2019) | Green Price

“… cofounded Green Price to prevent excessive food wastage across Hong Kong. Green Price acquires branded food and cosmetics that are close to expiring, and sells them through its online platform and retail shops at steep discounts. The startup claims its sales save more than 2.5 million products from landfills each year. Prior to launching Green Price in 2016, Hon and So met as classmates in Hong Kong University.”

Utkarsh Goel (BEng(CompSc) 2020) & Sidhant Gupta (BEng(CE) 2019) | Clearbot

“Clearbot started in 2019 as a student project to help Indonesian surfers clean up waterways. The Hong Kong-based company builds self-driving electric boats that collect rubbish, perform remote inspections, and deliver cargo. … Clearbot has participated in cleanup projects in Hong Kong and India and won competitions held by Alibaba and Microsoft. … In addition, Gupta holds a Guinness World record for the fastest robotic fish in his Vayu Project at the University of Hong Kong in 2020.”

Dr Liu Qi | Assistant Professor at Department of Computer Science, The University Of Hong Kong

“Liu, who teaches computer science at HKU, researches artificial intelligence and machine learning. He has earned more than 2,000 citations with influential academic papers published over the past five years. Prior to HKU, the young scientist worked for major AI research labs including Google DeepMind, Facebook AI Research, and Microsoft Research.”

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