HKU Alumni on Gen.T List 2022

Big congratulations to #HKUAlumni featured on Tatler Asia’s Gen.T List as the Leaders of Tomorrow shaping Asia’s future!

Olivia Chan (BA 2016) Co-founder & CEO, BeatuyFact
Elizabeth Chu (BSocSc 2017) Founder & Chairwoman, ZS Hospitality
Eina Gurung (BA 2017) Principal & Founder, Ananta Learning Centre and Ananta Base Camp

Sidhant Gupta (BEng(CE) 2019) Co-founder & CEO, Clearbot
Terence Hon (BBA 2019) Co-founder, GreenPrice
Marianne Hughes (BA Exchange 2014) Founder & CEO, Kno

Andre Kwok (BSocSc 2017) Founder & Chairman, Good City Foundation
Bowie Lam (MSocSc 2016) Founder & Executive Director, Teen’s Key
Ankit Suri (BEng 2013) Co-founder, Planto
Vriko Yu (Current PhD Student in Biological Sciences) Co-Founder & CEO, ArchiReef

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