[Clearbot x Razer | using an AI robot to clean up ocean waste]

【Razer x Clearbot】 Using an AI robot to clean up ocean waste

HKU iDendron startup Clearbot, founded by HKU Alumni Sidhant Gupta(BEng(CE) 2019), combines technology and the power of communities to and keep oceans clean. Clearbot, a marine trash collecting drone, is solar powered, self-navigating and equipped with vision AI that uses machine learning to optimize its capability over time. 

Under the #GoGreenWithRazer campaign, Razer in collaboration with Clearbot redesigned Clearbot to make it more efficient, marketable and scalable. Check out the new design here.

Visit Clearbot’s website to check out their donation campaign, and to submit photographs of trash to help them train their AI model better.

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