HKU Mentorship - Graduates in Beijing 2022

HKU Mentorship – Graduates in Beijing 2022

Welcoming UG & PG Graduates of 2022 who are working in Beijing or have a confirmed plan to move to Beijing within the next 3 months. Apply by 23:59 July 15, 2022 (Friday)More details

Stories from 2021 Mentees from Graduates in Beijing 2021 Programme

Mentor Ms Janet Hui 許蓉蓉
Mentee Zhu Honglin (MCL 2020) 💬 “Janet is very persevering, thoughtful and kind to others. It’s really great for me to not only cultivate my abilities, but also expand my experience and make friends through the programme.”
Mentee Zhang Jian (MCL 2020) 💬 “During the communication with Janet, she gave me much advice on my career path and inspired me a lot.”

Mentor Ms Wang Ying 王穎 
Mentee Chen Xi (MPH 2020) 💬 “My mentor is very willing to communicate with me and help me grow. We have a very harmonious relationship.”

Mentor Mrs Xiong Jing Ping 熊京萍
Mentee Wu Bohao (MSc(Eng)(IELM)2020)
💬 “I’ve learnt the importance of having a thorough plan before taking action and being proactive in career planning. Mrs Xiong has brought us many positive energies.”

Mentor Mr Zhang Li Ming 張力明
Mentee Li Yijing (MMEdSc 2020)
💬 “I am touched by and have always benefitted from Mr Zhang’s humble and selfless sharing of experiences. We trust each other and I can share any of my thoughts and confusion I may have with him.”
Mentee Zhou Tongxin (MPH 2020) 💬 ” He is open to new and different ideas instead of preaching to us so that we can learn from each other during our communications. Although a gentleman, my mentor embraces women’s power. He is both a teacher and a friend to me, and I have benefited a lot.”

From left:
1. Mentor Kevin Leung 梁家健 (1st left ) and mentees Wang Yijie 王怡婕 (2nd left, MAcct 2020) and Xu Bozhao 許博釗 (1st right, MAcct 2020) and mentor Albert Tsui 徐天成 (2nd right)
2. Mentor Liao Zihan 廖自涵 (2nd left), with mentees Feng Wei 方為 (1st left, MFin 2020) and Wu Wenheng 武文恒 (1st right, MAChDS 2020)
3. Mentor Zhou Peixuan 周珮萱 (center) with mentees Huang Simin黃思敏 (right, MSc(CompSc) 2021) and Wang Siyu 王思宇(left, MFin2021)

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