[Southern California] Lifelong Mentorship

Vivian Wong (LLB 2023, mentee since 2022) first met her mentor Dr Peter Poon during her exchange programme in August 2022. Their mentor-mentee relationship continues to thrive as Vivian pursues graduate studies at the University of Southern California. Recently, she joined Dr Poon and his recent mentee Emily, in Beverly Hills for a delightful coffee chat.

Vivian: “I am eternally grateful to my mentor Dr Peter Poon for showing me around LA as soon as I arrived for my exchange programme back in August 2022. One of our first experiences included going to The Huntington Library, Art Museum, and Botanical Gardens where we saw beautiful greenery and art. On another occasion, Dr. Peter Poon took me to the Getty Center with its amazing architecture as well as an evening on Rodeo Drive where we got to see the hotel where Pretty Woman was filmed!

Recently, Dr. Peter Poon took me and his recent mentee Emily to Beverly Hills for a mentor-mentee gathering and enjoyed a cup of coffee at Urth Cafe. 

I would like to thank him for all his time and effort in making my mentorship experience one to remember. I also learnt a lot about my mentor’s academic and professional journey which helped me make some important decisions regarding my studies.”

March 2024 | Emily Lai (L), Peter Poon, and Vivian Wong (R) at Beverly Hills

August 2022 Vivian (L), Dr Peter Poon and Scarlet (R) at the Huntington Library and Botanical Gardens

Vivian and Dr Peter Poon at the Getty Center

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