[Oct 15] HKUEAA Homecoming Walk

[Oct 15] HKUEAA Homecoming Walk

HKU Engineering Alumni Association (HKUEAA) held the Homecoming Walk on 15 Oct 2023. President Barry Sum, Immediate Past President Eric Pang, HKUEAA Executive Committee members and around 100 participants including alumni, their family and friends, current students joined the event.

Participants visited imseCAVE and Central Fabrication Lab. They experienced the interactive visualization system which provides vivid stereoscopic views of sceneries in 3-D design.

iLab director Chair Professor Wilson W.S. Lu, Deputy Directors, Dr Frank Xue, Dr Junjie Chen, and the team introduced their R&D projects including ‘MiC Three Treasures’ (MiC 三寶), ‘i-Core’ for boardwalk and MiC tracking and safe installation/hoisting, robots and laser scanning for construction site progress and quality inspection, and other blockchain, robotics, and AI-enabled digital construction technologies.

This Homecoming Walk is more than just a gathering; it is a testament to the unity, strength, and enduring spirit that binds us as part of the Hong Kong University family. Stay connected with your cohorts and plan your reunion!

Inquiries on Reunion Dinner on Campus & Campus Tour: reunions@hku.hk

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