Alumni Feature | Dr Rohit Verma (MBBS, 2021)

HKU Alumni Dr Rohit Verma (MBBS, 2021) featured on HKFP | Aspiring ethnic minority medical students in Hong Kong face many hurdles, marginalisation among them

“Rohit Verma, a locally trained doctor, says more medical professionals from ethnic minority backgrounds are required to meet the needs of the growing ethnic minority population. 

“Ethnic minority people have different socio-cultural views; they are looking for people that look like them, can speak their language and who they can trust to deliver their medical care.”

Verma, who speaks seven languages – including fluent Cantonese, Hindi, Sindhi and Urdu – says having a doctor from their own community can affect every aspect of a patient’s medical care.  “Often the older people in our community have limited health literacy; they don’t know the importance of taking medications, they might not show up to clinic or not want investigation. Poor communication can delay diagnosis, management, treatment – everything,” he says.”

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