Light & Love Marathon 2018

A dedicated group of HKU students, alumni and staff members ran in the inaugural charity marathon in the name of the Brothers & Sisters of Love Your Neighbour Club on April 8, 2018.

The Brothers & Sisters of Love Your Neighbour Club is a cadre of enthusiastic HKU members from different faculties and departments. In spite of our diverse backgrounds, we act in a united HKU spirit and share the same dream of making our society better by active community engagement.

The “Light & Love Marathon 2018” is a signature event of Light & Love Home, an independent charity established in 1983 by the Christian organisation, The Church of God in Hong Kong.  Light & Love Home aims to serve the community and preach the gospel via diversified social services. Proceeds derived from the marathon were used solely for advancing its community and residential services for the elderly, as well as volunteer development. The Brothers & Sisters of Love Your Neighbour Club has long collaborated with Light & Love Home and we hope to mobilise more HKU members to reach out to the community and serve.

We believe that networking among University members is the foundation of our impact on society. By participating in gatherings and cell group meetings, we can build connections and maintain solidarity among current and former University members. In addition, the Brothers and Sisters of Love Your Neighbour Club encourages HKU members to actively engage in community affairs, particularly in social welfare. Through a series of programmes, the Brothers & Sisters of Love Your Neighbour Club donates our respective expertise to support many NGOs in various aspects.

Believing that HKU and its graduates have long spearheaded civic participation in the city/ We hope to wipe away the impression that HKU people live in castles in the air. We are indeed down-to-earth and are making genuine efforts to do something impactful. We are more than happy to see this enthusiasm spread widely among HKU members, and this will only thrive on your continuous support!

Members of the Brothers & Sisters of Love Your Neighbour Club in HKU

Bethany Lai 黎素雯 (MLA 2018)
Kam Yan-chit 甘恩哲 (BSc Year 2)
Chan Wing-han 陳永嫺 (BA(LS) Year 2)
Alfred Lau 劉頌恩 (BSW 2016, MSocSc 2018)
Chung Hiu-fai 鍾曉暉 (BBA 2018)
Tai Ming-sze 戴明詩 (BSc 2016)
Berry Yu 庾家俊 (HKU staff)
Li Shing-yan 李盛恩 (BEng(EE) 2015)
Chan Sau-man 陳秀雯 (BSocSc 2014)
Lam Nga-sze 林雅詩 (BA 2014)
Ng Fai 伍輝 (HKU staff)
Joe Leung 梁健浩 (BEcon&Fin 2016)
Lau Yu-fan 劉裕芬 (HKU staff)
Hung Mei-wan 洪美雲 (BA&BEd(LangEd)-Chin 2017)
Ng Shiu-hin 吳劭獻 (BA&LLB Year 5)
Kwok Ka-wai 郭嘉威 (HKU staff)
Ip Hoi-kei  葉凱祈 (BA 2018)
Tse Man-ho謝文浩 (BSc 2018)

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