Social Sciences Class of 1977

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40th Anniversary Reunion
Jul 7, 2017

“We held our 1977 HKU Social Sciences 40th anniversary celebration party on a specially picked date and time: 2017/7/7 at 7:00 pm.  The event was well attended by 55 classmates, out of 186 BSocSc graduates from our year. Our class held two parties in 2002-3 celebrating our 25th anniversary (including the one held at Loke Yew Hall, HKU in November 2003 with alumni of all faculties who graduated in 1977), and a party in 2007 for our 30th anniversary.  So this is our 4th party and we celebrate our 40th anniversary.

While all attendees were immersed in the fine wines, sumptuous foods, intense chats and reminiscing about our university days, a few classmates were chosen to share with the group. These included Eliza Fok who spoke on her experience assuming the chairmanship of the Breast Cancer Foundation, Fung Kim-Kee who revealed to us the story behind his admission to and departure from HKU, Raymond Wan who talked on Qi Gong, and Gary Chow who shared some statistics he obtained from the HKU Alumni Office regarding the admissions, graduates and honours list of our Class. And Lawrence Pau presented an extract of Cantonese opera.

The party ended with lots of laughter and joy, and with the agreement that the date of our next gathering would be 2020. A vote for holding similar gatherings every three years was unanimously passed too.”

Gary Chow 周啟華 

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