Local Alumni Groups
If you are interested in forming a local alumni network, please contact Ms Pauline Liu, Senior Manager (Alumni Affairs) for Policy and Procedure. 

Step 1 - From an Organising Committee

Gather a group of 3 to 5 alumni and form an organising committee, which should include a chairman or a convenor.

Step 2 - Decide on its name and objectives

Please talk to Pauline Liu, Senior Manager (Alumni ​Affairs) for Policy and Procedure.

Step 3. Register with the University

    Link to the University via DAAO to be included on the University list of alumni groups, with the provision of the following:  
    a) Registration documents;
    b) Contacts of the group;
    c) List of executive committee members; and
    d) Constitution or Articles of Association

Alumni groups are welcome to update the University with their latest news. If there are any changes to the executive committee, please contact
Ms Pauline Liu

If an alumni groups wishes to use the University's name or Visual Identity in any activity or manner of association, please refer to “Policies and Guidelines on the Use of the University's Name and Visual Identity”.

Offshore Alumni Groups
If you are interested in forming an offshore alumni network, please contact Ms Monica Wong, Director of Alumni Affairs for Policy and Procedure.

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