Step 1 - Get started

Who will be there
The whole class of your graduation year
The class from your own faculty, department, hall or student society, etc.
Test the waters – are your classmates interested in it?
Check out the Reunions Calendar  – if there is already a reunion for your Class, would you like to join together?

Organising Group/ Committee
Involve more classmates by getting them to join the “organising committee” (don’t be put off by the name; it only sounds formal but can actually be a lot of fun)

Step 2 - When, What, Where and How much

What time of the year should it be held - some times of the year may be busier than others for most people; e.g. Christmas, Chinese New Year and the summer holidays. If you decide on a busier time of year, ensure you give your guests notice well in advance, say at least 4 months.
If you want to meet on campus or have a campus tour, contact HKU Alumni Office

Style, format, size, budget and date of the reunion - will influence your choice of venue. A number of venues on campus can be used for a reunion.
Some ideas: Dinner / Lunch / Tea Homecoming Visits Walkathon Golfing Trips ...

How much
A reunion will involve the following costs
* Core - venue and/or catering
* Optional
– Venue decoration, e.g. backdrop
- Photographers and video shooting
- Video production / slideshow to be played at the reunion
- Programmes, e.g. band playing and vocal performance
- Class souvenir or programme book
- Dinner cost coverage for special guests, e.g. former teachers
- Contingency costs
- you may wish to mark your reunion by contributing to the University for the benefit  of students

Step 3 - Contact your target group

    Contact list
    Start collating a list of your friends and contacts – The Development & Alumni Affairs Office (DAAO) can share with you the class list if necessary. However, due to privacy concerns, contact information of your classmates will not be disclosed
    Make contact
    Email to mark the date, follow-up email with details, phone calls and whatsapp messages to encourage participation, Facebook group to update information… DAAO can help you forward the message to your fellow classmates whose email addresses are available in the University database, and help post the message on the Reunion Calendar
    Keep track of the list
    Set the RSVP deadline on your invitation – this will help everyone respond in sufficient time and give you enough time to plan the reunion. Some may like to set “early bird” discount in order to motivate a quicker response
Step 5 - After the reunion

- Share your reunion photos with classmates and DAAO – with your reunion photos and stories, we can share them on the alumni website
- Reconnect the lost sheep with the University – inform DAAO of the contact details of your classmates, with their consent. With the updated contact details, the University can share the latest development and alumni activities with them. It also facilitates the planning of your next reunion.

If you would like to contact other reunion organisers, or have queries on the proposed reunion dates, homecoming and programmes, update us with any personnel changes of the executive committee, please contact HKU Alumni Office.  

If alumni groups plan to use the University's name or Visual Identity for any activity or manner of association, please refer to “Policies and Guidelines on the Use of the University's Name and Visual Identity”.

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