HKU Academy for the Talented Summer 2024 – HKU Alumni 20% off!

Exciting news! HKU Academy for the Talented Summer 2024 is now open for registration.

An incredible line-up of new programmes, now with an EXCLUSIVE OFFER of 20% discount* on select programmes (listed below) for HKU Alumni, their friends, and family. Application deadline: April 30, 2024

  • Multimedia Innovation: Crafting Culture through Digital Storytelling, VR and AR (link)
  • Innovation Challenge Summer Camp STEM + Entrepreneurship (link)
  • Applied STEM Series – Discovering Underwater Robotics with AI (link)
  • Applied STEM Series – Discovering the Electric Vehicle and its future with AI (link)

To enjoy the discount, follow these easy registration steps:
1. Apply for the selected programme(s) in the application system under “2024S cycle”
2. Upload this post as a screenshot titled “20% Discount” under Supporting Documents
3. The programme fee will be adjusted once we have verified your application

By joining the programmes, students will have the chance to gain valuable knowledge and skills in their chosen field, as well as access to networking opportunities and resources that can help them succeed in their academic and professional journey.

Grab your spot now! 🎉📢💥

More Details: Website
Create an account to register: Login (

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