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Convocation Newsletter

Spring Issue, 2013


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  • 我們的「飯堂」 openPDF
    Czarina, Copper Chimney, 新興食家, 可可店, 卓記


  • 發叔魅力沒法擋 openPDF
    七個世代200位幹事共聚港大 賀學生會百年慶典


  • 也斯老師笑了 openPDF
    Leung Ping-kwan & Comparative Literature


  • The HKU Tartan openPDF
    Historic Links between the University of Aberdeen and HKU


  • Cover Story: Transforming the Learning Experience openPDF
    "The concept of the Learning Commons is where student are in charge - they are directing their own learning. And the facilities empower them to design their own learning methodology."


  • New Landmarks openPDF
    - Lee Shau Kee Lecture Centre
    - Cheng Yu Tung Tower
    - Lui Che Woo Law Library


  • We’ve contributed; Pass it on! openPDF




  • On Campus: openPDF
    - Takashi Murakami: Greetings You Are Alive
    - Yaoming on Yaoming @ HKU
    - 龍應台:我的香港,我的台灣 [全文]
    - 吳清友:生命、事業、品牌之我見與我思
    - 陳冠中:虛構與非虛構的中國
    - Chen Kaige: Browsing for Happiness
    - 「誰是一代宗師?」
    - Honorary Degrees
    - Honorary University Fellowships


  • A History of The University of Hong Kong Volume 1, 1911-1945 openPDF


  • SERVICE 100: openPDF
    - Fighting for a Humanitarian Future
    - China Education Association 中國教育小組 ─ 幫助不是施捨,不是憐憫








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