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From the Edge of Bankruptcy to a Flying Success

Alan Chan transforms KFC in Hong Kong

Alan Chan 陳健倫 (BA 1987)

Alan Chan has turned around KFC’s flagging fortunes in Hong Kong


Working for Sustainable Development

Yuri Hung: Working for Sustainable Development

Yuri Hung 洪定嘉 (BSocSc 2014)

Yuri Hung has embarked on a journey with the United Nations Sustainable Development Solutions Network Youth.


Climbing to New Heights on Kilimanjaro

Terry Chan on Kilimanjaro

Terry Chan 陳國宣 (BSocSc 1999; MSW 2001; MSocSc 2007)

Karen Chau 周雅欣 (BNurs 2009)

Amanda Yik 易琪  (LLB 1999; PCLL 2000; MSocSc 2009)

Raymond Lo 盧毓信 (BSc (Eng) 1986)

2018 marks the 10th anniversary of HKU alumni climbing Kilimanjaro. Terry Chan, founder of CruxPro Limited, has led expeditions to Africa's highest mountain, as well as other famed peaks.


Light & Love Marathon 2018

Brothers & Sisters of Love Your Neighbour Club Marathon 2018

Alfred Lau 劉頌恩 BSW 2016, MSocSc 2018

A dedicated group of HKU students, alumni and staff members ran in the inaugural charity marathon in the name of the Brothers & Sisters of Love Your Neighbour Club


"Something Celebrative or Immortal Under Another Birdless Sky"

Dr Peter Lee’s new poetry chapbook

Dr Peter Lee 李浩翔 PGDE 2005; EdD 2014

Dr Peter Lee’s new poetry chapbook, "Something Celebrative or Immortal Under Another Birdless Sky", by Jamii Publishing


In Memory of a Caring Doctor


William Tong 唐卓恩 (1958-2018)  MBBS 1983

Dr William Tong, a specialist in clinical virology, passed away on May 2, 2018.


Tribute to a Master Teacher and Compassionate Doctor

Leung Sing-fai story image - medical doctor background

Leung Sing-fai 梁承暉 (1957-2017)  MBBS 1982

Dr Leung Sing-fai, a clinical oncologist, passed away peacefully on January 20, 2017.


Chinese community leader in New Zealand

Chinese community leader in New Zealand

Manying Ip 葉宋曼瑛 BA 1967

Congratulations to Professor Manying Ip, President of HKU Alumni Association of New Zealand and HKU overseas mentor, for being awarded the Companion of the New Zealand Order of Merit (CNZM) 2018!


Voices For the Forgotten

Voices For the Forgotten

John Ngan 顏獻基 MBBS 1982

Raymond Kan 簡煒文 MBBS 2009

Cheng Wing-yin 鄭穎妍 BSc 2007

“Our mission at MedArt is to serve the forgotten through medicine and music,” Dr John Ngan, its Founder, shared in the article.


From a Cheerer to a Full Marathoner

From a Cheerer to a Full Marathoner - Miranda Wong

Miranda Wong 黃好儀 BSocSc 2004

Inspired by the slogan "HKUnited We Run", Miranda joined the HKU Marathon Team, which she would like to "do something" for the HKU family. The "can-do” spirit further drives Miranda to join the 10Km race and Full Marathon (42.195Km) in 2007 and 2017 respectively.


The First-ever Recipient of the New Zealand Chinese Youth Scientist Award

The First New Zealand Chinese Youth Scientist Awardee

Ray Zhong 鍾潤陽 PhD 2013

Dr Ray Zhong is the first awardee of the New Zealand Chinese Youth Scientist Award 2017. He is a lecturer at the Department of Mechanical Engineering, The University of Auckland, New Zealand where he moved to after obtaining his PhD from the Department of Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering, HKU in 2013.


六大馬拉松 – 梁鳳鳴

六大馬拉松 – 梁鳳鳴

Angela Leung  梁鳳鳴 MBBS 1983

梁鳳鳴醫生,Angela Leung十年前開始跑步,人生第一次參加公開跑步賽事是2007年的渣打馬拉松10公里並順利完賽。自此梁醫生成為了本地10k,半馬,全馬等各大小賽事得獎台上的常客。2017年,Angela更在柏林衝線並拿下獨特的六大馬拉松獎牌!


Running is My Language

Pauline Tse Running

Pauline Tse 謝麗僑 MSc(ECom&IComp) 2002

What began as a reunion of HKU’s Master of Science in Electronic Commerce and Internet Computing (MEICOM) in 2003 became a life-transforming Marathon journey for one alumna – Pauline Tse. She went from being a sedentary office lady to a recently honoured champion of the World Marathon Majors...


Mysterious "Lovers"

Mysterious "Lovers" - Ray So

Ray So 蘇樂軒 BSc 2011

For eight years, Ray has been out in the field exploring all across Hong Kong to capture and record different creatures by camera. So far, around 100 species have been collected and details on most of them were published in a book《香港兩棲爬行類眾生相》.


Trek into Oasis

Trek into Oasis - Teddy Law

Teddy Law 羅榮輝 MSc(EnvMan) 2008

Teddy Law, founder of the hiking website Oasistrek 綠洲 and writer of the publication《咫尺山林:香港郊野的思緒漫遊》, said Hong Kong is not as “concrete” as we think, and it is no less beautiful than other travel regions and countries popular among Hong Kong people.


Flying to a Higher Future

Flying to a Higher Future

Max Leung 梁博 BEng(CivE) Year 4

Edna Lee 李妍慧 BA Year 4

This past summer, Max and Edna were amongst the 80 students from local and overseas tertiary education institutions for six-to-eight-week internships in different departments of the Airport Authority (AA).  


From the Other Side

From the Other Side

Joyce Xu 許樂怡 BJ 2014

Joyce took a rather unconventional path when she completed my undergraduate studies. Instead of finding a job with a media agency, she headed to Beijing as a communications intern at the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) China office.


The Other Hundred

The Other Hundred - Yuxin Hou

Yuxin Hou 侯昱鑫 BBA(IBGM) 2009

International Business and Global Management graduate Yuxin Hou has a career that truly involves global management and not only that, it challenges the norm. He is the Manager of China Business at The Global Institute For Tomorrow (GIFT), a Hong Kong-based independent think tank and the Project Manager of "The other Hundred" - an international photography competition and photobook project that showcases 100 worldwide photo-stories, each moving beyond stereotypes and introducing readers to the vast majority of people and cultures overlooked by the mainstream media.


建築師棄高薪搞網 助創業文青覓廉舖

建築師棄高薪搞網  助創業文青覓廉舖

Chan Lai-kiu 陳麗喬 BA(ArchStud) 1984; BArch 1986; PhD 1998

建築師陳麗喬早前辭去高薪厚職,開發網上平台 ,期望連結舖位業主及有意創業或舉辦藝文活動的年輕人,以低廉租金活用都市閒置空間,同時帶動地區人流,達至業主租戶「雙贏」。


棄覓正職堅持逐夢 工程尖子20歲學音樂 替港首奪英國作曲獎


Austin Leung 梁騫仁 BEng(MedE) 2012



Cycling unites Riccians together

Cycling unites Riccians together

Raymond Chow 周學文 Riccian; BSocSc 1987

Nineteen Riccians, mostly in their 50s, reached the summit top at Mount Hehuan – Wuling – at 3,275 meters (10,745 feet) on bicycles. Mount Hehuan is Taiwan’s tallest mountain accessible by road, and Wuling is generally heralded as the hallmark of cycling, the "Mecca" of cyclists.


The Triathlon Trio

The Triathlon Trio

Adam Wong  黃子賢 BEcon&Fin 2006

Billy Choi 蔡英泰 BEcon&Fin 2005

Argo Yeung 楊文友 MSc(EnvMan) 2015

Adam Wong, Billy Choi and Argo Yeung began their triathlon adventures less than two years ago. They enjoy every triathlon race, not because they want to beat their competitors but because, as a team, they get to push their limits even further than they can alone.


港大女生熱愛動物 赴英讀獸醫追夢觸動心靈

港大女生熱愛動物 赴英讀獸醫追夢觸動心靈

Jackie Tse 謝熙朗 BBiomedSc 2017



Mesmerizing Photos of Landscapes

Mesmerizing Photos of Landscapes - Tugo Cheng

Tugo Cheng 鄭振揚 BA(ArchStud) 2005; MArch 2008; MSc(ConstProjectMan) 2010; LLM(Arb&DR) 2012) 

An architecture alumnus won various international photo awards with his mesmerizing landscape photos.


與病共舞 戒毒社工燃亮生命


Suki Yu 余穎妍 BSW 2009



Medical alumnus awarded the Order of Australia

Medical Alumni awarded the Order of Australia

Professor Albert Lam 林海經 MBBS 1972

Professor Albert Lam has been awarded a Member of the Order of Australia (AM) in the 2017 Australia Day Honours list published in Sydney.


The 6th Must-Do at the University

Old Ghost -The 6th Must-Do at the University

Old Ghost 老鬼 BSc(QFin) 2015

Kay  BA 2013

Poison Boy 毒男 BsocSc 2015

Sister 姐姐 BsocSc 2016

TA BEng 2014

(All pen names)

Old Ghost (pen name) was inspired by a comic to gather a group of like-minded people to write a book about dreams. He truly believe in the idea of pursuing dreams, even after the failures he faced at university.



Jason Yip 葉維昌 portrait

Jason Yip 葉維昌 BBA(Acc&Fin) 2004

巴勒斯坦、阿富汗、約旦、叙利亞、緬甸── 這些國家都是國際新聞的「常客」,通常配以槍林彈雨的衝突場面,葉維昌卻在以上地方都留下了足迹。



Architectural conservation alumna cited by UNESCO

Gesa Schwantes - The Science of Architectural Conservation

Gesa Schwantes MSc(Conservation) 2011

Gesa Schwantes, a member working on a World Bank-funded conservation project in Guizhou Province, China, has been cited in the prestigious 2016 UNESCO Asia-Pacific Awards for Cultural Heritage Conservation.


Fotan and Art

Winnie Siu Davies at her studio

Winnie Siu Davies 蕭愛冰 BA 1996

Winnie, a Fine Art alumna who has exhibited works in the Asia-Pacific region, Italy and Canada, set up her workshop in a Fo Tan industrial building back in 2006 and has been participating in the annual Open Studios. Ten years later, she is now the organiser of this annual event.


Searching for the Past - My Mother, the King Edward VII Scholar

Searching for the Past - My Mother, the King Edward VII Scholar

Tsang Hwa 張華 Mathematics alumna

Alfred Tang 唐叔虞 BSc(Eng) 1956

Wilfred Tang, son of alumna Tsang Hwa, who resides in the United States, visited HKU with his family to search for the plaque of King Edward VII Scholars, as his mother was an awardee back in 1954.


受視障者觸動 設計觸感表

Nick Gu portrait

Nick Gu 顧力恒 BA(ArchStud) 2009



Running until I can’t

Kwong Hung-piu

Kwong Hung-piu 鄺熊標 PCEd 1993; MEd 1997; MEd 2000

78-year-old Kwong Hung-piu, who has participated in the Standard Chartered Hong Kong Marathon (SCHKM) 10K race is a member of the HKU Marathon Team for the past ten years. He is the most senior member of the Team.


Unlock the Poem, Unlock the Poet

Window of My Soul - Chan Lut Ming

Chan Lut-ming 陳律銘 MBBS 2007

“Poetry is like a riddle. You have to guess what I mean. And a good poem always has a key to unlock it.” Currently working as a medical doctor in a palliative care ward, Chan Lut-ming has “numerous encounters with different people, in which the human ‘touch’ generates ‘feelings’” that drive him to write poems.


Living Tissues: growing cartilage, repairing joints

Living Tissue members

Daniel Chik 戚子傑 BEng(MedE) 2007; PhD 2012

Annie Cheng 鄭曉華 BEng(MedE) 2007; PhD 2012

Alvin Zhang 張偉 PhD 2015

Barbara Chan 陳佩 Associate Dean of Engineering

Medical startups in Hong Kong are far and few between. However, one such startup is Living Tissues Company Limited (in short Living Tissues)  and it is also one of the ten winners of DreamCatchers 100K 2016, which was awarded HK$100,000 after competing against 17 other startups.


WINNERS - HKU DreamCatchers 100K 2016

WINNERS - HKU DreamCatchers 100K 2016

See alumni names in article

10 winners of the HKU DreamCatchers 100K 2016 have been awarded HK$100,000 seed fund.


No Pain, No Gain

Nancy Yung and Gary Leung

Nancy Yung 容慧心 BSocSc 2002

Gary Leung 梁鈞浩 BSc(ActuarSc) 2002

Startups are not a recent trend for fresh graduates. Nancy and Gary, now husband and wife who graduated from Faculty of Social Sciences nearly 15 years ago, also walked away from stable career paths after spotted a gap in the market to found Red Publish 紅出版, one of Asia’s leading publishers.


Goodbye, Dr John Ho

Goodbye, Dr John Ho

John Ho 何庭森 (1942-2016) BSc 1964; BSc(Sp) 1965

Dr John Ho, Distinguished Service Professor at the State University of New York at Buffalo, passed away on Thursday, September 22, 2016.


Journalism alumni cover the World

Journalism alumni cover the World

Natasha Khan 簡淑陵 BBA(Law) 2006; LLB 2007; MJ 2011

Deirdre Bosa MJ 2010

Billy Wong 黃盛強 BJ 2015

Shari Nijman MJ 2011

Lily Lee 李理 MJ 2010

Richard Macauley MJ 2010

Diego Laje MJ 2009

Natalie Wang 王屹芝 MJ 2010

Sanchez Wang 王嘉鵬 MJ 2009

Jeremy Blum MJ 2013

Jonathan Stray MJ 2010

Fion Li 李佩瑜 BJ 2007

Whereabouts are the alumni of the Journalism and Media Studies Centre?


Honouring a Teacher and Mentor

YC Cheng Scholarship

Professor Y C Cheng 鄭耀宗 BSc 1963

Professor Philip Wong 黃漢森 BSc(Eng) 1982

Professor Lai Pui-to 黎沛濤 BSc(Eng) 1981; PhD 1985

Dr Kevin Chau 周顯良 BSc(Eng) 1980

Dr Hung Kwok-kwong 洪國光 BSc(Eng) 1982; PhD 1987

Dr Lim Hong-seh 林方世 BSc(Eng) 1981

Dr Liu Zhihong 劉志宏 PhD 1990

Dr James Ma 馬志堅 PhD 1992

To express their gratitude towards their mentor and teacher Professor YC Cheng 鄭耀宗教授, former HKU Vice-Chancellor (1996-2000) and past Dean of Engineering (1987-1989), a group of alumni initiated a donation to establish the YC Cheng Engineering Scholarship last year. It will support Engineering students to participate in overseas learning.


A Celebration of Journalism with Ying Chan marks the end of an era

A Celebration of Journalism with Ying Chan marks the end of an era

Professor Ying Chan 陳婉瑩 BSocSc 1970

To celebrate the first chapter of the Journalism and Media Studies Centre under the leadership of its founding director Professor Ying Chan, more than 300 journalists, academics, local business leaders, students and alumni gathered on August 31 in HKU’s historic Loke Yew Hall. 


《畕土》建築月刊創辦人: 建築哲學「貼地」為本

Alfred Ho in Ming Pao

Alfred Ho 何尚衡 BA(ArchStud) 2007



Finding my inspiration to write | 延續父親寫作夢

Yan Chi Ming new book

Yan Chi-ming 甄子明 BEng 1976; DipManStud 1983; MBA 1985

When I was a little boy, I was surrounded by bookshelves and books. My father was a professional writer and he wrote Kung Fu novels, which were very hot in the 60s...


What's at the Praya 海旁?

Covers of the magazine Praya

Zhu Yiqing 朱一青 BEcon&Fin Year4

Zhou Fangwen 周方聞 LLB Year 3

Guo Yanan 郭雅楠 BSocSc 2016; MPhil Year 1

Non-local students have many ways to explore and leave traces of their vibrant university life in Hong Kong. Finance student Zhu Yiqing chose to found the literary magazine Praya 海旁 in 2014 with the aim of recording people's lives and thoughts.


Fly Me to HKU

Butterflies at HKU

Nelson So 蘇賜輝 MSc(EnvMan) 2014

Groups of frequent visitors have been seen meandering around the HKU campus lately. Donning colourful garb, these guests move quietly around the campus, enjoying the tastes of summer. They are BUTTERFLIES!


Two-way Street

Gordon Low, Rosie Low and mentees

Gordon Low 羅安鼎 MBBS 1956

Gordon and his wife Rosie have became "mentors" of the HKU Mentorship in Australia for more than 10 years... they soon found the mentees to be intelligent and fun-loving young adults, longing to find their niche in society...



Kenny Tang in Phillippine

Kenny Tang 鄧志聰 BEcon&Fin 2013 

菲律賓...... 這個外界眼中貧窮落後、行政效率低、政府腐敗的國度,卻成為九十後港青Kenny眼中的樂土,「菲律賓人會憧憬美好的將來,期望與國家一同崛起,我看到香港找不到的活力!」


Honouring mum, supporting brothers

David Lu and Riccians

David Lu 雷西城 BSc(Eng) 1968

Nelson Lu  雷迺城 BSc(Eng) 1970

Riccian David Lu and Nelson Lu, who wish to honour their late mother Mrs Lu Chan Miu-han, established a scholarship designated for students residing in HKU Ricci Hall. 


The Russian Link

Vadim Bonch -The Russian Link

Vadim Bonch BSc(Eng) 1937

Vadim never spoke of the difficulties. He emerged from the ordeal with the philosophy that life is to be enjoyed and appreciated...


App Store for the Bottom Billion

callum and mandela

Callum Porter-Harris Exchange Student, Business and Economics 2012-2013

Sylvia Han BSocSc Year 4

When more than one billion people in the world live on less than one US$1 a day, how can the poverty trap be broken?


Endurance and Perseverance on Land and at Sea | 一分耕耘,一分收穫

Kwan Sek-yiu in 1977 - First HK Open Marathon

Kwan Sek-yiu 關錫堯 BSc(Eng) 1974

This is the 40th year that I have participated in marathons. My plan is to run full marathons for 50 years...


Maxim's and me

Rebecca with Dr James Wu and others

Rebecca Chan 陳靜怡 BSc 2014

Rebecca joined Maxim’s Group as an Executive Trainee after finishing her Bachelor of Science in Food and Nutritional Science. Her encounter with Maxim’s started with a cup of caramel macchiato on her first day at HKU...


My Dream for Change

Doris Leung with her Diamond Cab

Doris Leung 梁淑儀 MJ 2003

The unexpected disability of Doris's beloved mum in 2007 inspired her to start the unprecedented barrier-free taxi service, Diamond Cab...


We Make People Shine

Vincci Law - We make people shine

Vincci Law 羅韻芝 BEcon&Fin 2003

Vincci has met many talented designers who dreamed of developing their own products but were not able to because of limited resources and a lack of professional guidance. It became her dream to help them catch their dreams...


BALLOONS Lit. Journal Launched for Youngsters

Peter Lee: BALLOONS Lit. Journal Launched for Youngsters

Peter Lee 李浩翔 PGDE 2005; EdD 2014

Peter Lee, currently the Panel Chair of English at Ying Wa Primary School, founded an independent online literary journal for young people titled BALLOONS Lit. Journal (BLJ)...


Miss Rosie Rabbie and me

Miss Rosie Rabbie and me

Rosie Grey 灰若 (pen names) BA 2009

Being a comic book artist had always been my childhood dream. My first opportunity to achieve that dream came when I worked for CULT magazine as a student reporter while at HKU...


用眼睛傾聽 以感覺溝通

Wong Hiu-ching

Wong Hiu-ching 黃曉晴 BSc 2015



From Russia with Love - Friendship continues to grow 16 years on


Gordon Wong 王駿濱 MBBS 2003

Patricia Cheng 鄭愛晶 BsocSc 2003

Denise Leung 梁卓雅 BSc 2001; MPhil 2004

Dominic Tang 鄧浩仁 BSc(Surv) 2001

Idy Yeung 楊詠欣 BA 2003

John Yeung 楊臻宇 BA(ArchStud) 2001; MA(Arch) 2004

Medical alumnus Gordon Wong has made lifelong friends whom he met in the Russia study trip in 2000 organised by the Registry...


跟著男神去睇石 | 點解地質保育咁重要?

Erik Mak

Erik Mak 麥嘉緯 LLB 2005; MJ 2006

Young Ng 吳振揚 BA 1980



Let’s Join-a-Ride!

Join-a-Ride Mobile App Screen

Vincent Chow 周嘉俊 BEng(CE) 2004

Car pooling can reduce traffic jams and improve air quality. ‘Join-a-Ride’ can find you ‘riders’ who can share the taxi fare, which is much better than getting stuck in the queue…


Family Root - HKU

Professor David Yeung & Stella Yeung

Professor David Yeung 楊榮基 BsocSc 1977

Stella Poon 潘怡紅 BsocSc 1977; MPA 2001

Patricia Melody Yeung 楊智敏 

BDS 2011; MDS(PaediatrDent) 2015

This is a story of two generations that has its roots in the mid 1970s. Two Social Sciences students, Stella and David, met each other at an Orientation Camp organised by the Faculty in 1974...


港大校園 尋找人樹共融

港大校園  尋找人樹共融

Janice Lo 勞丕禮 BSc 2011; MPhil 2015

我們跟隨從事環境教育的Janice Lo遊走港大,為的是要了解校園內植物背後的故事 ── 屬於人與樹的故事……


Leader of the Year 2015 -
Pioneer in Chemistry - Maintaining a Leading Position in the Field

Professor Vivian Yam

Professor Vivian Yam 任詠華 BSc 1985; PhD 1988

Professor Vivian Yam, Chair Professor of the Department of Chemistry of the HKU is an outstanding scientist born and raised in Hong Kong. Professor Yam’s research mainly focused on the development of luminescent materials...


Leader of the Year 2015 -
A Shining Vanguard for Medical Humanitarian Response

Prof Emily Chan Ying-yang

Professor Emily Chan 陳英凝 MBBS 2003

Professor Emily Chan has participated in frontline international medical humanitarian response work for
Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) since the mid-1990s. She has left her humanitarian footprints in more than 30 countries around the globe...


Alumni who founded 9GAG named "Forbes 30 Under 30" Asian trailblazers

Founders of 9GAG named Forbes 30 Under 30 Asia trailblazers

Chris Chan 陳展俊 BA(ArchStud) 2009

Derek Chan 陳兆欣 BBA(IS) 2007; BEng 2008

Chris and Derek were the honorees of the Forbes 30 Under 30 Asia list. They, together with another three partners, founded 9GAG, a leading social media platform to share jokes with almost 30 million followers on Facebook and 29 million on Instagram...


On the Road

In memory of Joani Tang

Joani Tang 鄧婉媚 (1966-2016) BA 1988

Acclaimed TV documentaries producer Joani Tang passed away on March 20, 2016 at the age of 49...


Journalism alumna featured in "Forbes 30 Under 30 Asia" list

Journalism alumna Michelle Yuan named to "Forbes 30 Under 30 Asia" list

Michelle Yuan 袁至柔 MJ 2014

When I was a little girl, I was asked to be a flower girl for my cousin’s wedding. Everything about that day was perfect...


Science alumnus selected for "Forbes 30 Under 30 Asia" list

Screencap of SnapAsk

Timothy Yu 余佑謙 BSc 2012

Timothy is one of the 300 honorees of Forbes Asia inaugural 30 under 30 list - a list of the top promising young leaders, daring entrepreneurs and game changers in 10 different sectors...


走進香港大學 學做一個男人

Riccians cheering

Ricci Hall 利瑪竇宿舍



A romance – 10 years in the making

Ronnie and Tony took their pre-wedding photo at MB221A

Ronnie Tsui 徐敏明 BA 2005

Tony Cheung 張智仁 BA 2006

It all started at the Main Building, in Room 221A (MB221A). Ronnie and Tony first met there at a casual meeting of the HKUSU Arts Association...


Stage Dreaming

Poster of the play When You Go To Haking Wong

Will Leung 梁宇威 

BEng(CivE) 2011; BBA 2012; MEd 2015

“I found that most graduates who left the Hall years ago are leading monotonous lives,” said Will Leung, producer and director of ‘Leetle Stage’, a drama group formed by alumni and current residents of Simon K.Y Lee Hall in 2015.


Dream to Write, Write to Dream

School Talk at primary school

Carmen Chan 陳彥雯

BEcon&Fin 2004

Writing is the best way for Carmen to deliver her feelings and to share her thoughts with others. Being a writer is a big challenge but the time spent on each word gives her satisfaction.


In the Eyes of Elsie Tu

Book cover of Colonial Hong Kong in the Eyes of Elsie Tu

Elsie Tu 杜葉錫恩 HonDSocSc 1988

Elsie Tu, who was conferred a Doctor of Social Sciences (honoris causa) by HKU at the 133rd Congregation, passed away at the age of 102.


Breakthrough Prize to Daya Bay experts

Prof Luk presenting

Professor Luk Kam-biu 陸錦標 BSc 1976

The 2016 Breakthrough Prize in Fundamental Physics, valued at USD $3 million, is awarded to five teams studying neutrino physics. One of the teams is Daya Bay experiment led by Dr Wang Yifang and Professor Luk Kam-biu.


When Law blends with Business

Stephanie Chan portrait

Stephanie Chan 陳孜翹 BBA(Law) 2007; LLB 2009

Most might think that it is only natural for someone to practice law after completing an undergraduate law degree and the Postgraduate Certificate in Laws (PCLL) program. But for Stephanie Chan, she decided to take the path less taken based on an insight she gained while studying abroad.


A Journey into the World of Magic

Eric performing magic with paper aeroplane

Eric Cheng 鄭耀邦 BEng (IMMSE) 2002

Eric is one of seven magicians who represented Hong Kong at the 26th World Championship of Magic, also known as FISM, and competed against 150 other magicians from all over the world.




Chow Yiu-fai 周耀輝 BA 1983



Caring for the Mind

Honoured with a Fellowship award from the Japanese Society of Psychiatry and Neurology at the World Psychiatric Association Regional Congress Osaka

Willy Wong 黃宗顯 MBBS 2001

Dr Wong was honoured with a Fellowship Award from the Japanese Society of Psychiatry and Neurology at the World Psychiatric Association Regional Congress Osaka ...




Professor Siu Yum-tong

蕭蔭堂 BA 1963