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Spring Walk at Grass Island 新春塔門之旅(12th March 2017)

HKUEAA has been arranging the annual hiking event consecutively for the 4th time planned by our outstanding guide, Mr. Kwan Sek-Yiu (關錫堯先生)This year the hiking at Grass Island ( 塔門) was successfully held with 71 members participating. Thanks to the nice weather on that day, all participants had a relaxing time during the hiking. With the informative sharing by members from WSD and CLP during the hiking, participants also learnt about the water and electricity supply at outlying islands. 58 participants joined the seafood lunch at Ko Lau Wan (高流灣)after the hiking, which brought the event with a memorable ending.














Distinguished Talk and Exquisite Dinner by Mr Alfred Chan - “Business Growth – A Towngas Perspective” (25th April 2017)

After rounds of Industry Gathering in buffet format to enhance mingling and interflow among engineering colleagues, this year HKUEAA arranged a talk by the 81th of the 100 best-performing CEOs in the World in 2016, Managing Director of The Hong Kong and China Gas Company Limited, Mr. Alfred Chan ( 陳永堅先生)on “Business Growth – A Towngas Perspective”.

The event received an overwhelming response and attended by a total of 65 alumni and students. The sharing by Mr. Alfred Chan gave all participants an understanding on how to transform from an engineering profession to a managerial role and the essential skills required. Afterward, all participants enjoyed an appetizing and delicious dinner at QCOBA.










CLP Career Series

With the generous support from CLP Power HK Ltd. (CLPP), a career series with the theme of "Electrical & Mechanical engineering" was held by HKUEAA and the Faculty of Engineering, covering talks, technical visits and workshops, to arouse students' interest in power industry and public utilities.


Job Shadowing Programme (6 - 8 March 2017)

A job shadowing programme was organized with CLPP in March 2017 to enhance students' career and personal development. This was the first time HKUEAA organized such programme, and 10 mechanical and electrical engineering undergraduates were selected for the programme. They worked alongside with CLPP engineers and gained actual field experience as an engineer. The programme generated positive feedback from both students who participated and CLPP volunteer engineers they shadowed. We would continue to collaborate with different organizations to nurture students becoming engineers.













Technical Visit to DCS North Plant and the EMSD Education Path (22 April 2017)

The site visit to EMSD Education Path and DCS North Plant was successfully held on 22 April 2017. The participants were divided into two groups, one visited the EMSD Education Path first, while the other visited the District Cooling System North Plant (DCS) first.

The EMSD Education Path comprises several interactive exhibition areas, which allowed the participants to learn about the green design features of the building. The Engineers at EMSD clearly explained the principles of many innovative clean energy technologies, such as the ice thermal storage system, the daylight and motion sensor for lighting control.

The visit at the DCS started with a short video clip, which gave the participants a brief introduction about the capacity and daily operation of the DCS. The participants were then led through the central chiller plant and the pump house. The participants have gained some valuable insights about how science and engineering can improve the living environment.

Thanks to the very nice arrangement of EMSD, students and alumni had a chance to better understand many energy-related issues.






Technical Visit to Hong Kong International Airport (24 June 2017)

The technical visit to Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA) was successfully held on 24 June 2017. The visit started with an inspiring presentation by Mr. Chui of Airport Authority Hong Kong (AAHK), who gave the participants an overview of the Airport's short-term and long-term development goals. Participants also learnt about the cutting-edge technology in allocating gates to flights, and emergency plans under adverse weather conditions.

Our next stop in the visit was the Integrated Airport Center (IAC) - the "brain" of HKIA. It is a centralized coordination and command center for managing and supervising operation of the airfield, terminals, SkyPier and roads. Airport Emergency Center located inside the IAC will be activated if there is any urgent situation.

Another key part of this technical visit was the guided tour in the Baggage Handling System (BHS). Mr. Lee of AAHK explained patiently and clearly how the baggage went through the X-ray security scanning, the inbound conveyor, and the gathering conveyor to the designated airplane. Many participants showed great interest in the baggage tracking system and the baggage sorting system. Undoubtedly, the BHS in HKIA is one of the most efficient and reliable BHS in the world.











Mentors' Night (7 February 2017)

To express our appreciation to mentors' effort on the GMS, a causal dinner was held at North Point on 7 February 2017. Mentors and Ex-co members shared experience and had a joyful dinner.







GMS Inauguration Ceremony 2017 (1 April 2017)

The remarkable Inauguration Ceremony on 1 April 2017 was kicked off by an inspiring opening speech delivered by Ir Paul W Y POON (President of HKUEAA). Prof. Francis LAU (Associate Dean, Faculty of Engineering) and Mr. Rico WAN (Chairperson, ENS, HKUSU) shared their views and expectation on the GMS 2017. Other guests of honours included Ir Y M CHAN (Vice-President of HKUEAA for Students Affairs) and Ir Ken M K CHAN (Vice-President of HKUEAA for Administration and Finance).

After the ceremony, participants enthusiastically joined the tea gathering organized at Postgraduate Hub in HKU Graduate House. All mentors and mentees had a fruitful and enjoyable afternoon. It was a great time for experience sharing between the mentors and mentees. Students surely had gained a lot through this precious moment. The event was successfully held and ended with joy.







our team relaxed after the long-haul flight

Baihai gardens - home to the Baihai faith

local Druze woman explained to us her minority religion's belief in re-incarnation

a state of the art - Netafilm greenhouse

we tried out the fresh produce from Netafilm hydroponics technologies

the multistage reverse osmosis desalination plant at Sorek

trying out freshly desalinated water

ARAN staff introduces to us Powder Based 3d printing technology, and demonstrates some of their print samples

local wine produced with state of the art technologies

Study Tour 2017 - Engineering and Heritage in Israel (1 - 8 June 2017)

Every year HKUEAA organizes an overseas study tour to visit a city outside Hong Kong with the aim to provide HKU engineering alumni and students with the opportunity to explore the sustainable engineering and innovations of different culture. This year, our destination was Israel, one of the most innovative countries in the world.

Our delegation of 26 alumni and students arrived in Tel Aviv on the 1st of June for our 7-day trip. Straight off the flight we headed to the dead sea for a dip and a fresh start to our trip. Along the way, we had the opportunity to see the sinkholes and beautiful desert landscapes exposed by the receding water line of the dead sea. Both of these highlighted the ecological and climate issues that challenge this water-scarce land.

Being a country that rich in history and religion, our trip covered some famous sites, such as Jerusalem, Masada, Bethlehem, and Haifa; each a beautiful location with a story to tell about the colourful people that lived there. In addition to this we paid a visit to the independence hall, in which we learnt from a dramatic and emotive guide about the founding of modern Israel.

But of course, our delegation was also there to learn about the innovations and technologies that power this “start-up nation”. On the 3rd day, we got to meet several entrepreneurs from the “Birthright: Israel” incubator funded by the Israel Stock exchange. Zirra: a company specializing in big data analytics, and Exelot: a e-payment and logistics optimization company. Our delegation settled into an enthusiastic face to face discussion with them and learnt a great deal about the mindset, ideas, and motivation that drives them to leave the safety of large companies and start their own company.

Of course, innovation is about more than the people; it is also supported by the environment and infrastructure. Many municipal governments have converted parts of their public libraries into co-working spaces to support startups for no rent. The co-working space is called “The Library”, and surprised us during our visit with stunning views overlooking Tel-Aviv along with the spacious setting and amenities. Matam Park, a nearby research park, is successful in attracting global companies such as apple and google to set up shop.

In addition, we also paid a visit to Technion, the top science and engineering university in the country with 2 Nobel laureates; and saw their dedication to nurturing the next generation of entrepreneurs. In their own words, they claimed that:” Our engineers may not be the best, China or Europe probably has many better ones; but we’re here to give the skills and environment that makes Israel the country with the most start-ups per capita in the world”.

Innovation doesn’t have to mean forgetting the past; the commitment to sustainability can be seen on every street corner. Steel cages serving as bottle collection points are heavily utilized, and one can notice a strange pattern for the buildings in the city: Tall, Short, New, Old. Each high-rise development must also be accompanied by a revitalization or preservation of an old building nearby.

Lack of water is also a constant concern, and is a focus for Israel’s engineers. We visited Sorek: the largest desalination plant in the world, Afikey Emek Heifer: a sewage water re-use company, and Netafilm, which develops advanced agricultural irrigation and greenhouse technologies. Together, this gave us a comprehensive view of the innovations all the way from source, to user, to drainage of water resources in the country.

Finally, we visited ARAN, a product design and 3D printing manufacturer that uses poly-jetting technology to produce biomedical, and other plastic injection products. We were also able to visit a modern winery in the Carmel mountains, where we learnt about the refrigeration technologies that allow for the production of new-world wines.

All in all, our trip was a great success, and our delegates carried home with them new ideas about Sustainability, Innovation, Culture, and how these ideas can be applied in Hong Kong. Several student delegates will be presenting about these topics in the upcoming AGM, so do feel free to come and learn more!














































43rd Annual General Meeting (AGM)

The 43rd AGM will be held on 11 August 2017. The details of the meeting is as follow:

Date: 11 August 2017 (Friday)
Time: 6:30 pm (Registration begins at 6.00 pm)
Venue: HKU Alumni Association Clubhouse, 1/F Yip Fung Building, 2 D'Aguilar Street, Central, Hong Kong

An invitation with AGM booklet will be sent out in end July 2017 through e-mail and by post. If you are interested, you may reserve a place in the below link:

Technical Visit to Tolo and Fanling Highways Widening Project (22 July 2017)

Tolo Highway and Fanling Highway form a major trunk road serving the north New Territories. Widening of Tolo Highway between Island House Interchange and Tai Hang (Stage 1) completed in late 2014. Stage 2 widening project is a continuation of the Stage 1 works to widen the section of Fanling Highway between Tai Hang and Wo Hop Shek Interchange to form a continuous dual 4-lane major trunk road linking Sha Tin and Fanling. The widening works were proposed to alleviate the traffic congestion problem on Fanling Highway and to meet the anticipated traffic growth.

This site visit will allow participants to visit the vehicular-cum-walkway bridge, underpasses, footbridges, road works and ancillary works including noise barriers and retaining walls, traffic control and surveillance system. Participants will learn about the complicated construction sequence which comprises of realignment of the Fanling Highway, as well as demolition and reprovision of four existing footbridges across it at Tai Hang, Tai Wo, Ho Ka Yuen and Wo Hop Shek.









Technical Visit to T-Park of Energy Transformation Community (5 August 2017)

T-Park is Hong Kong's first "waste to energy" sludge treatment plant. Through joining this site visit, participants will have a better understanding about how the sludge can be used as fuel, and how sewage is reused for irrigation, flushing and cleansing.

T-Park is one of the world's largest sludge treatment facilities. It can treat a maximum of 2,000 tonnes of sludge per day. Participants can learn about the key features of the facility including:

- T-Park can reduce the daily volume of sludge in Hong Kong by 90 percent, thus substantially lower the loading on landfills;

- 14 MW of electricity generated from the incineration will power the plant, up to 2MW of surplus electricity will be exported to the power grid;

- T-park has adopted a zero-wastewater-discharge policy; and

- The seawater desalination plant located inside T-park produces freshwater for use on-site.





Football Fun Day (30th July 2017)

H.K.U. Engineering Alumni Association (HKUEAA) is going to organize a Football Fun Day with details as follows:

Date: 30 July 2017 (Sunday)
Time: 09:30 to 15:30
Venue: Stanley Ho Sports Centre, Sandy Bay
Fee: Free of charge

You are cordially invited to form teams to join the 11-a-side competition. The number of team is limited to eight. If you are interested, please send your team information (with list of participants) to Mr. Raymond Sze at by 26 July 2017.

In addition to football competition, there will be activities for family members and children to make the event more enjoyable. This is a great opportunity for students, alumni and friends to get together. For enquiry, please contact Mr. Raymond Sze at 96686321.

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