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Sona Ceolchoirm: Fr DEIGNAN 90th Birthday Celebration Concert

Jan 13, 2018

Sona Ceolchoirm: Fr DEIGNAN 90th Birthday Celebration Concert

by Nixon Leung 梁迭起  (BSc 2014; MEd 2015);
     Alex Tsoi 蔡紹鑫
  (LLB Year 2, graduate of WYK in 2016); and
     Christopher Yeung 楊峻杰  (BA&BEd(LangEd)-Eng Year 1, graduate of WYHK in 2017)


Arriving Hong Kong in 1953, Reverend Father Alfred J Deignan, S. J. has been serving in the field of Education and Missionary tirelessly with fruitful outcomes. He served as the Warden of Ricci Hall, The University of Hong Kong, as well as the Principal and Supervisor of Wah Yan College, Hong Kong (WYHK) and Wah Yan College, Kowloon (WYK). To celebrate the 90th Birthday of Fr Deignan, Wah Yan One Family Foundation organized the Sona Ceolchoirm: Fr DEIGNAN 90th Birthday Celebration Concert at Elizabeth Stadium on January 13, 2018. More than 2,000 old boys, students, parents and celebrities actively participated in this meaningful event, with the presence of Michael W. D'Arcy, TD, Minister of State at the Department of Finance of Ireland and Peter Ryan, Consul General of Ireland to Hong Kong and Macau.


Fr. Deignan served as the Warden of Ricci Hall from 1970 to 1978 with his love and care to hallmates. Professor David Fang (Riccian 1966), Dr Peter Lam (Riccian 1967), Mr David Cheng (Riccian 1969), Professor Fok Tai-fai (Riccian 1970), Dr Joseph Woo (Riccian 1970), Mr Rick Tang (Riccian 1970), Mr Cheung Wai-hing (Riccian 1971), Mr Laurence Tse (Riccian 1971), Dr Peter Yew (Riccian 1971), Dr Stephen Chung (Riccian 1972), Dr Bell Tse (Riccian 1972), Professor Sydney Chung (Riccian 1973) and Dr Thomas Tsang (Riccian 1985) performed songs like “What a Wonderful World”, “I will Never Find Another You” and so on, leaving the audience astonished. Other than Riccians, Professor Paul Tam, HKU Provost & Deputy Vice-Chancellor (WYHK 1969) and Mrs Amy Tam performed “All I ask of You” with Professor Gabriel Leung, HKU Dean of Medicine (WYHK 1985) conducting the Orchestra.


Other than the breathtaking music performance, there were also interview of Fr. Deignan, who shared the stories of Hornell Hall Incident, Landslide Victory of Inter-Hall Malayan Alumni Challenge Cup of Riccians, as well as the contributions of graduates from WYHK, WYK and Ricci Hall to the society.


After Fr. Deignan’s remarks of gratitude, thunderous applauses came with wishes for Father’s good health, acknowledging his humongous contribution and effort on being a great educator for half a century.





狄恆神父於1970至1978年間擔任利瑪竇宿舍舍監,任內作育菁莪,桃李滿門。演唱會當晚,利瑪竇宿舍舊生方津生(66年度利瑪竇人)、林孝文(67年度利瑪竇人)、鄭輔國(69年度利瑪竇人)、霍泰輝(70年度利瑪竇人)、鄔世傑(70年度利瑪竇人)、鄧一山(70年度利瑪竇人)、張惠慶(71年度利瑪竇人)、謝錦明(71年度利瑪竇人)、姚高雄(71年度利瑪竇人)、鍾家良(72年度利瑪竇人)、謝勝生(72年度利瑪竇人)、鍾尚志(73年度利瑪竇人)、曾浩輝(85年度利瑪竇人)等悉力登場,為神父表演《What a Wonderful World》、《I will Never Find Another You》等名曲,教人如痴如醉。除利瑪竇人外,港大首席副校長譚廣亨教授(69年度港華)伉儷及港大李嘉誠醫學院院長梁卓偉教授(85年度港華)分別為神父獻唱《All I Ask of You》及指揮樂隊。







Photo Credit: Wah Yan One Family Foundation