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Hong Kong University Graduates Association Education Foundation

Seminar on Secondary School Curriculum Reform: Looking Back and Looking Forward

Dec 2, 2017

HKU Graduates Association Education Foundation held the “Seminar on Secondary School Curriculum Reform: Looking Back and Looking Forward” on December 2, 2017. Its purpose was to review the accomplishments of the secondary education curriculum reform introduced in 2001, particularly the launching of the New Senior Secondary academic structure since 2009 and the setting up of the Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education Examination.  The seminar also examined the many new challenges ahead.


Three speakers expressed their vision and valuable insights about curriculum development in secondary schools. Professor Kerry Kennedy presented a talk on “Think, Create, Innovate – (New) Directions for Curriculum Reform in Hong Kong” in which he set out what he saw as priorities for the future. Mr Sheridan Lee gave an overview on current issues and directions under consideration. Principal Lee Suet-ying introduced her comments on curriculum reform from front-line teachers’ perspective.


Sharing of experiences by three commentators, Ms May Lau Kit-mei, Ms Leung Kin-yi and Mr Kwan Chin-ki, who have frontline experience in implementing the curriculum, generated lots of new ideas and enhanced participants’ understanding of the work of teachers in Hong Kong.


Among the participants, a number of experienced educators including principals, teachers, education officials and representatives from different educational institutions attended the seminar. Details about the seminar and an archive of the presentations can be found at