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「十年人事食番餐」— 1990至2000年代利瑪竇人歡宴
Ricci Hall Decade Reunion 1990-2000

Mar 9, 2018

「十年人事食番餐」— 1990至2000年代利瑪竇人歡宴
Ricci Hall Decade Reunion 1990-2000


侯仲銘  Louis Hou  (BBA 1994, MSocSc (Counseling) 2009)
李律文  Raymond Lee (BSW 1994)
梁迭起  Nixon Leung   (BSc 2014, MEd 2015)
陳學濂  Kelvin Chan (BEng(EE) Year 3)
湯桓      Ryan Tong    (BSocSc Year 2)
洪樂旻  Morris Hung   (LLB Year 1)




當晚,逾七十位橫跨前後十四年 (入宿於1988至2002年) 的利瑪竇人參加盛會,筵設八圍。宿友穿著「十年人事食番餐」紀念T-Shirt,執盞高談闊論,細味舊日情懷,賞玩聯舍比賽錦旗,回憶寄宿生活點滴。席間,宿生會候選幹事更向宿友請益,諮以來年大計安排。酒過三巡,舊生會備有宿舍冷知識問答遊戲娛賓,反應踴躍積極。酒酣耳熱之際,更有生日蛋糕為三月生日的利瑪竇人賀壽,場面熱鬧暢快。


「兄弟相見歡,努力且加餐。」舊生會主席張烱輝 (BSc(Eng)-Mech 1983) 感謝校友鼎力支持宿舍,並期望在接續的師友輔導、職涯規劃等活動與宿友協作,繼續為即將成立九十周年的利瑪竇宿舍搏盡致志,出心出力。


On March 9, 2018, the Ricci Hall Old Boys’ Association (“RHOBA”), The University of Hong Kong, celebrated a decade of excellence with 1990-2000 Riccians at our beloved dining hall. The “Cross-Decade Reunion Banquet” aimed to encourage networking and nurture brotherhood across different generations of Riccians.


On the night, over 70 Riccians who were admitted to the Hall ranging from 1988 to 2002 attended the banquet, filling up eight tables. Riccians wore their “Cross-Decade Reunion Banquet” event tee-shirt and reminisced about the Hall’s history and recounted favourite stories. During the banquet, they were further reminded of their legacy as curated artifacts such as, silk banners were showcased. The proposed cabinet of the Ricci Hall Students’ Association, HKUSU participated at the reunion, joining in the alumni’s sharing and seeking the senior Riccians’ wisdom on policy matters for the coming year. As Riccians were enjoying beverages and delicacies, the proposed cabinet also hosted a Hall Trivia Quiz for their nightly entertainment. Towards the end of the evening, there was a surprise celebration with special birthday cakes for Riccians born in March.


“A brother is a friend granted by God; for a friend is a brother granted by your heart.” Andrew Cheung (BSc(Eng)-Mech 1983), Chairman of RHOBA, expressed his sincere gratitude for our alumni’s noble contributions towards Ricci Hall throughout the years. Andrew encourages continuous collaboration between alumni and current residents in counselling and career planning, as friends and as mentors. The ceaseless dedication of our Riccians will surely ensure Ricci Hall will flourish further as it approaches the 90th anniversary of its establishment.