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Rekindle your Glorious Fire

Jan 1, 2016

There is a saying that Mentorship is a two-way street. Both people in the mentorship relationship are offered opportunities for growth and knowledge sharing. Senior Morrisonian Stephen Hui 許桂然 (BSc(Eng) 1970) and his mentee Norris Chan 陳政豪 (BSc Year 4) are good example for this.


Stephen has been a mentor with Morrison Hall Mentorship since 2010. If Norris, one of his mentees, had not been one of the organising committee members of Morrison Hall Social Service Group (MSSG), Stephen might not have gotten involved in Morrison Hall’s social services to the extent that he has.


“I had been supporting MSSG financially as I contribute to the donation box in High Table every year. But one year I heard from Norris that there would be a Shaoguan follow-up trip to deliver free computers to the underprivileged children. I thought, why not join?”


Together with another HKU alumna, Norris and other three hallmates, Stephen participated in the two-day trip.


“The experience reminded me of my good old days in Morrison Hall during 1960s. There were only around 100 residents and Morrison Hall was known for its academic prowess and triumphs in sports. To take part in hall activities together with other hallmates is key to establish hall spirit – a sense of belonging. So, I played hockey, lacrosse and many other sports. Probably I attended more sports lessons than university lectures!”


While Stephen thinks that the hall spirit of Morrison Hall is as strong and connected as it ever was, he feels that students nowadays have more resources and channels to reach those in need.


“We didn’t make short videos for event promotions, did we? But now it’s a piece of cake for them.”