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Working for Sustainable Development

Yuri Hung: Working for Sustainable Development

  Yuri Hung 洪定嘉 (BSocSc 2014)

Yuri Hung 洪定嘉 (BSocSc 2014) has embarked on a journey with the United Nations Sustainable Development Solutions Network (SDSN) Youth.


SDSN works with the world’s most influential businesses, academic institutions, government bodies and civil society groups in the sustainable development sector, with the vision of empowering youth globally to achieve sustainable solutions.


Working remotely for the SDSN, Yuri manages and coordinates the overall activities and initiatives of the team. He believes that, on top of effective coordination, self-discipline is critical for the successful implementation of projects, and officers have a central role in realising that goal.


“We probably don’t need a new skill for the future of 2030. It is really developing the habit of concentration that is crucial to making progress.”


Yuri has the opportunity to manage a 16-week Investment Readiness Programme to help young innovators build their skills and refine their pitches for investors and supporters. Typical work would include developing SDG measurement toolkits for young innovators, conducting policy advocacy on the topic of youth-led social entrepreneurship and innovation, building capacity for SDG impact assessment and data collection, and monitoring among young innovators.


He also has experienced working with non-profit organisations based in Africa or targeting the African population. “Just like studying abroad, in an international environment, cultural sensitivity and understanding are extremely important. Everyone might have a model or ideal answer to a problem already, but it is getting the message communicated well in terms of content and feeling, that matters the most to the progress and results”.


Yuri finds it precious to have the opportunity to work on urgent and difficult global issues and is hoping to gather a community of passionate individuals to make progress together.

In an international environment, cultural sensitivity and understanding are extremely important.