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Journalism alumni cover the World

Journalism alumni cover the World

Natasha Khan 簡淑陵BBA(Law) 2006; LLB 2007; MJ 2011Deirdre Bosa MJ 2010

Billy Wong 黃盛強BJ 2015Shari Nijman MJ 2011Lily Lee 李理MJ 2010Richard Macauley MJ 2010Diego Laje MJ 2009Natalie Wang 王屹芝MJ 2010Sanchez Wang 王嘉鵬MJ 2009Jeremy Blum MJ 2013Jonathan Stray MJ 2010

Fion Li 李佩瑜BJ 2007

Acknowledgement: Journalism and Media Studies Centre, HKU:


"We are in the heart of Asia, at the doorstep of China. We offer education with both an international perspective and local knowledge." Professor Ying Chan (BSocSc 1970), founder of the Journalism and Media Centre (JMSC) said. 


Founded in 1998, JMSC brings professional journalism education to Hong Kong’s premier university, creating an environment for vibrant interaction among students from Hong Kong, Mainland China, Asia and the rest of the world. Since 2001, over a thousand alumni have studied JMSC programmes and have developed convergent skills that enable them to operate comfortably in all aspects of the industry, ranging from print, audio, video, and multimedia to digital and online journalism.


JMSC alumni are highly sought-after by employers and many have been hired by international media organisations. Some of them shared their experiences in the JMSC video. Enjoy! 



Natasha Khan 簡淑陵 (BBA(Law) 2006; LLB 2007; MJ 2011)

Bloomberg, HK

“The JMSC really helped launch my career which I am really thankful for. I am proud to say that some of my work has also been honoured with awards in the last few years.”


Deirdre Bosa (MJ 2010)

CNBC West Coast, USA

“From the selfie stick to a camera at the middle of my living room, I would say one of the most important things I have learnt as a journalist is be resourceful and be open to new technology. I will pan around a little bit, this is my living room and yes, I can and I do report in my slippers.”


Billy Wong黃盛強 (BJ 2015)


“I film with my cameraman. I come back. I load at the tape. I write the script, and I edit the show with the tape editor. I do my voiceover. I do my stand-upper. I do everything for this 30-minute show; it’s a big challenge for me.”


Shari Nijman (MJ 2011)

United Nations, New York

“Versatility is such a great thing to have. Going forward in my career at the United Nations, that’s going to be so helpful. If ever I am going to be in the field and help the UN with their reporting from the field if you will, I will be able to do all of that by myself and carry that burden by myself.”


Lily Lee 李理 (MJ 2010)

BBC Bureau, Beijing

“Because we are such a small team, everyone is doing many things. For example, I am the producer here, but I am also expected to film and edit, write news blogs and produce radio. All these skills I learnt from the JMSC, HKU


Richard Macauley (MJ 2010)

Bloomberg, HK

“The things I learnt at the JMSC were, always ask for introductions, take care of others in the industry and if you are already studying at the JMSC, you are probably good enough. So, start pitching already.”


Diego Laje (MJ 2009)

CNN Bureau Manager, Argentina

“We were en route to Fukushima and we were stopped by our colleagues, producers and managers, ‘Don’t go! Don’t go!’ because something terrible happened, we don’t exactly know what, but apparently it’s been a major accident. Hmm… we actually insisted on going. Yeah, we actually insisted on going.”


Natalie Wang 王屹芝 (MJ 2010)

CCTV News Beijing

“I shoot the story to reflect on of course the rich and poor gap, and to remind our viewers of the problems existing in China’s “Hukou”, the household registration system, and also to remind our viewers of the toll China’s urbanisation has taken on these humble people.”


Sanchez Wang 王嘉鵬 (MJ 2009)

Caixin Media, China

“I think the JMSC has a unique position here, because it combines professional skills and the reality in China. And also the journalistic ideals. It’s a very good combination of the three. So it’s very useful for Chinese journalists to study at the JMSC. I am offered these at the JMSC and I am trying to pass it on to my younger colleagues here.”


Jeremy Blum (MJ 2013)

Storyful, HK

“The JMSC really further my knowledge of social media networks, digital journalism and video, all of which become increasingly important in the reporting scene. Now there are so much content being uploaded to social networks like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Vine, and it’s my daily job to sort through this massive information, to try to find the gems inside. And, you know, the JMSC really put me on the path to figuring out the ins and outs of social media and of digital journalism.”


Jonathan Stray (MJ 2010)

Columbia Journalism School, New York

“When I arrived, I was a computer scientist. When I left, I was a data journalist. Since then, I have done all kinds of things in journalism. I worked for two years making interactive at the Associated Press, I covered the Arab spring, I covered the Japanese Tsunami disaster. And then I started building software for journalists. I built a thing called Overview, which has been used by hundreds of journalists to mine huge volumes of documents for stories.”


Fion Li 李佩瑜 (BJ 2007)

Hong Kong Bureau Chief, Bloomberg

“I got to do four internships before my graduation. But it all added up to the great career, and all the great experience. And I really love the JMSC. I am very proud of it!”

Since 2001, over a thousand alumni have studied JMSC programmes and have developed convergent skills that enable them to operate comfortably in all aspects of industry, ranging from print, audio, video and multimedia to digital and online journalism.