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Cycling unites Riccians together

Cycling unites Riccians together

Raymond Chow 周學文Riccian; BSocSc 1987

Nineteen Riccians, mostly in their 50s, reached the summit of Mount Hehuan – Wuling at 3,275 metres (10,745 feet) on bicycles. Mount Hehuan is Taiwan’s tallest mountain that is accessible by road, and Wuling is generally heralded as the hallmark of cycling, the "Mecca" of cyclists.


On May 1, they started before dawn and finished this 55km-long, 2800m-elevation climb in central Taiwan in nine hours. Some of the gradients exceeded 10% toward the summit. The fastest Riccian, Hong Chung-Yin (BEng(EEE) 1996), reached the top within five hours.


These 19 amateur cyclists, graduates from the 80s and 90s, sang the hall anthem “Ricci Cheer” at the top, after overcoming cramps, fatigue and the thin air. The emotion felt upon completing this mountain climb was clearly written on the face of every rider.


“It was as much a mind game as a physical challenge,” said Chan Hoi-To (BDS 1989), leader of the group. “When Riccians get together, we always dare ourselves to do as much as we are able.”


This group of Riccians won many championships when they competed for the Malayan Cup during their university days. Even after graduation, this winning mindset continues in their work and family lives.


Simon Fung (BA 1987; MBuddhStud 2007), an award-winning advertising expert, said: “It’s amazing that this bond has lasted 30-odd years and counting. It is a treasure to all of us.”


Another accomplished Riccian, dentist Francis Chan (BDS 1988; PDipDS 1995; MSc(ImplantDent) 2009) said, “Our brotherhood is not just a social connection. It is trust and support that unites us together.”


In addition to cycling, Riccians play football, softball, hockey and other sports together.


For Simon, Hoi-To, Francis, and all other Riccians, the Ricci spirit is all that matters.



Ricci 精神,攀登頂峰






這19位業餘車手都是80和90年代的畢業生。他們在攀峰路途上需要克服痙攣、疲勞和稀薄的空氣。成功登頂後,他們的自豪之情溢於言表,在武陵的牌坊前豪情壯志地高歌“Ricci Cheer”。




這群Riccians在大學期間參加過無數次Malayan Cup 的各項比賽,獲得無數次冠軍。畢業後,這種必勝信念在他們的工作和家庭生活中延續。


屢獲大獎的廣告創作人馮偉賢(1987年文學系畢業生)說:“很驚訝Riccians 的兄弟關係維繫超過30年,這份情,得天獨厚,是我們的財富。“







When Riccians get together, we always dare ourselves to do as much as we are able.

  • We started at daybreak. 拂曉前出發
  • At the highest 7Eleven 最高門市的7Eleven
  • The most memorable moment: all 19 gather at the summit 最激動時刻:所有隊員齊集頂峰
  • We celebrate the last arrival. 激勵最後一位成員到頂