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Reunion Stories

University Hall "Re-Union of the 80s" and "三嫂和你有個約會"

Apr 12, 2015

The reunion was attended by over 70 U Hall graduates of 1980s. They were very delighted to return to the Hall and re-capture their dreams. Some of them have really expanded in their "size" but, Auntie Three 三嫂 was able to remember over 90% of their names!

"Iron may rust stone turn to dust our bond stays the same..." During the 80s, most of the U Hall residents were medical students. On April 12, we bet that U Hall was the place that one could find the largest number of "senior doctors" in Hong Kong, perhaps even more than any hospital in town. The brotherhood was best described by what was said in the hall song: "Though some day we'll leave the castle in search of our destiny, And the good times spent together shall become just memories. But while we're here let's keep the fire burning, and kindle it with care, for we all belong to our castle and the same old family!"

Greetings, sharing of the old memories, applause for Auntie Three 三嫂… the evening ended in the U Hall war cry.