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Science (Biology & Chemistry) Class of 1974
40th Anniversary Reunion

Jul 8, 2014

Fourteen 1974 HKU Science Graduates of the Biology and Chemistry streams plus their family members gathered at Chateau de Fontenaille in July 2014 for the 40th Anniversary re-union. The Chateau - owned by class alumnae, Josephine Suen Kit Yu, is three hours' drive west of Paris. Sight-seeing trips to nearby tourist destinations were organised including a morning visit to Mont St Michel - the famous monastic establishment on a rocky tidal island; followed by a guided tour of St Malo - an ancient port the next day. After the trips, the group enjoyed drinks, delicious snacks and sumptuous meals at the Chateau in the afternoons and evenings, sharing and reminiscing precious moments of university and family life. The participation of our classmates, our wonderful friendship and warm hospitality of our hostess made this re-union a big success. Tom Chung Lun Lap, the other half of Ho Shuk Mei, summarised the group's sentiment in his poem:

四旬不見各成家, 千里重逢仍口花!互道兒孫安樂事, 昔年淘氣笑哈哈!

Planning for the 45th Anniversary re-union in 2019 is in the pipeline. To keep in touch, Year 1974 class alumni are welcome to drop a note

Cheung Chung Chuen, BSc 74, September 2014.