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Reunion Stories

Biology Class of 1988
30th Anniversary Reunion

Jul 6, 2018

Out of the 56 graduates of the Biology Class of 1988, we were very pleased that 13 alumni gathered together to celebrate the 30th year since graduation. They included Ivan Wong 黃大中, David Lam 林智文, K K Chan 陳健基, Thomas Sit 薛漢宗, Alex Tam 譚振聲, Eppie Wong 王婉儀, Shirren Lau 劉秀雲, Kitty Au 歐玉梅, Tim Wong 王偉光, Wesley Lee 李慧思, Kenny Wan 温少安, James Leung 梁沃超, and Beatrice Chan 陳寶金.


Thirty years seems a pretty long time but it passed so quickly! 

Memories stay forever and we treasure the precious moments we spent growing up together!