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Message from the HKUAA UK

Hello and welcome.

You have arrived at the website of the Hong Kong University Alumni Association, United Kingdom Chapter.

We were formally inaugurated on June 12th 1999, and the photographs below recorded our party which was a very well attended lunch hosted by Ms. Sandra Lee, a graduate, and Director General of the Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office, at her residence. Two Pro Vice-Chancellors, Professor Cheng Kai Ming and Professor Ian Davies attended our inauguration.

The UK Chapter, I believe, has the highest number of ex-university staff and teachers, including past Vice-Chancellors Dr. Rayson Huang and Professor Ian Davies. Former Hong Kong Governor and Chancellor Lord David Wilson has also taken a keen interest in our activities and hosted events twice! Our graduates are spread over all around the UK, and should you be passing through, our committee members and I would be delighted to hear from you. (We want to hear the 'gossip' from your part of the world too). Also if you know of any graduates kicking around who may not know of our existence or have not yet joined us, do let us know, so that we can include them in our family.

London, (our chapter's home) is supposedly known to be expensive, wet, drab conservative, full of cars, and funny food. So they say. Maybe? But I always seem to be in a theatre for ballet, opera, music or exhibition of some sort, and I seldom need to drive. Now the town is full of celebrated chefs from all over Europe and Hong Kong doing their thing, with an infinite variety that London has been crowned the 'swinging city of Europe' for some years now. It definitely rains less than Vancouver and when the sun is out, London has more parks than anywhere else for you to enjoy.

And when your feet ache, you will find a rare quality of television, although you will also find the British self-parody sense of humour could do with some Chinese sub-titles.

We enjoy it here. So visit us, call us, catch up with your old friends and teachers, and join our events. We welcome ex-staff of HKU to be members too.

HKUAA UK Committeeˇ@



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