The University of Hong Kong Alumni Association Singapore Chapter


Enrollment of students from Singapore into the University had in fact begun in the mid 1910s, shortly after the University was founded in 1911. Singapore students then mainly pursued courses in medicine and engineering.
There was a regular flow of students from Singapore into the University from those early days until 1941, and an even greater increase immediately after World War II. The flow ceased with the establishment and expansion of universities in the region in the early 60s.
Membership number has been around 200 for many years. The newer and younger members are mostly graduates from Hong Kong University who grew up and lived in Hong Kong, but have moved to Singapore for work, and some have decided to make Singapore their permanent home. They are from various faculties.

With the implementation of student exchange programme between HKU and the universities in Singapore - National University of Singapore (NUS), Nanyang Technological University (NTU), Singapore Management University (SMU), selected students from HKU are given the opportunity to attend courses for one or two semesters at universities in Singapore. Alumni Members volunteer as mentors for these students to give them guidance where necessary, to enrich their mentee's exchange experience and in a way to help in their educational, social and personal growth through a supportive mentor-mentee relationship.
Aims of the HKU Alumni Association in Singapore are, as they were in 1946, to foster closer ties among members, to maintain a link with the University, and to give assistance to students intending to proceed to the Hong Kong University for further studies. Functions include an annual dinner, joint activities with alumni associations of other universities from Hong Kong, and bi-monthly walks and F&B gathering to interesting venues.

Management Committee Members

President Mr. Mark Chan (ex-officio)
President-Elect Ms. Gloria Lo
Honorary Secretary Ms. Lucia Chow
Honorary Treasurer Ms. Sheila Lam
Committee Members Ms. Belle Lim
Ms. Judy Li
Ms. Larissa Chan
Ms. Steffie Jang
Ms. Sally Ma Fei Fei
Past President Mr. Eric Tse (ex-officio)
Auditor Mr. Fanky Wong

Membership Application

All HKU graduates residing in Singapore are welcome to join as Alumni members.
Currently, members are NOT required to pay any annual subscription.

HKUAA Singapore Facebook Group

Get updated on latest events / photos / etc. The future activities will be posted in the HKUAA Singapore Facebook Group. It is set up as a closed group, which means that all new requests to join the group have to be approved by admin.