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How to Form an Alumni Group


Offshore Alumni Groups

Local Alumni Groups

If you have formed an alumni group,or are thinking of forming one but have not yet been in touch with us, please contact Ms Pauline Liu.

Step 1.

From an Organising Committee


Gather a group of 3 to 5 alumni and form an organising committee, which should include a chairman or a convenor.

Step 2.

Decide on its name and objectives


You are welcome to share your ideas with Pauline Liu.

Step 3.

Register as a Society or an Association




Apply to

Licensing Office, Hong Kong Police's Societies Office

Registration procedures

Fill in the application form and
provide the following information:

  • Objective of group;

  • Members of executive committee;

  • Membership;

  • Financing; and

  • Future plans;



Apply to

Licensing Office, Hong Kong Police's Societies Office

Registration procedures

  • Appoint a legal advisor to assist in drafting the Memorandum & Articles of Association (AA);

  • Enlist a group of subscribers to the M&A who will be the first batch of members of the association;

  • Register with the Company Registry

  • Form the first executive committee appointed by the subscribers; and

  • Open a bank account and appoint an auditor.

Step 4.

Register with the University


Link to the University via DAAO to be included on the University list of alumni groups, with the provision of the following:

  • Registration documents;

  • Contacts of the group;

  • List of executive committee members; and

  • Constitution or Articles of Association


Alumni groups are welcome to update the University with their latest news. If there are any changes to the executive committee, please contact Ms Pauline Liu.


If an alumni groups wishes to use the University's name or Visual Identity in any activity or manner of association, please refer to “Policies and Guidelines on the Use of the University's Name and Visual Identity”.

If you are interested in forming an offshore alumni network, please contact Ms Monica Wong for information.