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Chau Wan & Sek Yiu


Cheung Chau-wan 張就雲 BsocSc 1976 

Kwan Sek-yiu 關錫堯 BSc(Eng)-Civ 1974





Chau Wan & Sek Yiu





Tracy & Ivan

Tracy Yiu 姚遠 BA(ArchStud) 2009; MArch 2012

Ivan Kwan 關基信 MArch 2012


The Architecture Studio – it’s where we “built” our love.





Tracy & Ivan




Tracy & Ivan




Angela & Kin-keung


Angela Leung 梁鳳鳴 MBBS 1983

Cheng Kin-keung 鄭健強 MBBS 1983







Angela & Kin-keung




Renee & Cliff


Renee Zhang 張婷婷 BBA(Acc&Fin) 2005

Cliff Lui 呂海山 BBA(Law) 2006; LLB 2007; PCLL 2008


Like many others, I met my future wife at The University of Hong Kong. What better place to meet your potential other half than a place that has such a strict filter in force? Being introverts, we preferred to sit at the front of the class - because no one ever sat there - until we did, together. Being introverts, nothing much happened for a year. But then we dated, got married, and then little Richard was born in 2016. Spend your time at university wisely! 


Renee & Cliff




Paulina & Yuen-tak


Paulina Leung 梁慧冰 BSc 1980; CertEd 1982

Yu Yuen-tak 余遠德 BSc 1980; CertEd 1982


在 Knowles Building 的樓梯上,迎面來了一位高材生,向我一笑,問我 Library 自修室有冇位?我把霸來的圖書館座位讓給他半天,自此以後,他竟天天坐在我旁邊了!而港大每一個角落,都充滿我們戀愛的回憶!到現在,我們已結婚32年了!   



Fion & Karlo


Fion Tam  譚潔盈 BA 2010; MEd 2016

Karlo Lau  劉曉揚 BA(ArchStud) 2009; MArch 2012


We are getting married!  



Anisa & Edward


Anisa Cheung 張麗嫻 BA&BEd(LangEd) 2010; MEd 2012; EdD Year 5

Edward Yim 嚴雅健 MEd 2012


We met when we were Master of Education students!



Jenny & Leo


Jenny Tam  譚紫恩 BSc 2003

Leo Lam 林理浩 BSc 2003


We met in the computer room in Chong Yuet Ming Physics Building. Since Jenny didn't attend a freshman orientation, she did not know the procedures of course selection. She needed help and Leo happily obliged. Later we were on the same executive committee of the Photographic Society, HKUSU. We attended classes together, studied together, and urged together to work for the Photographic Society, but we only had our first date after graduation and are married in 2008. Today we have two children. 



SIn-ying & Hoi-kit


Lau Sin-ying  劉倩盈 BNurs 2013; MNurs 2016

Louie Hoi-kit  雷凱傑 BEcon&Fin 2011


Thanks my dear ❤
My husband, Louie Hoi Kit, and I met in Sweden when both of us were exchange students. Although we come from different faculties, our love started when we were back in Hong Kong and I am so happy that we married last year.
Thank you my dear for loving me and caring for me for these years. I hope we will love each other forever. ❤



Angela & Siu-ki


Angela Yuen 袁淑怡 BNurs 2000

Ho Siu-ki 何紹基 MEcon 1998


From the same place, but different faculties. What keeps us together? Love!



Connie & Louie


Connie Yeung  雷楊國莉 BA 1965

Stephen Louie 雷惠英 MBBS 1966


Stephen and Connie met in HKU when they joined the Ricci Hall choir. They were married in Hong Kong in 1968 and moved to Toronto, Canada the same year for further studies.  They had three children in Toronto.  In 1976 the whole family moved to Boston to continue their studies.  Stephen is a researcher and an internist in Boston.  After working for the Massachusetts Department of Education for 30 years, Connie retired in 2011. Now, their children are married or soon get married, some got their child too!   



Karen & Wei


Karen Tsui 徐晴雁 BA 2000

Wei Liu 劉偉 MPhil 2001


We first met in Haking Wong building. Now we have been together for over 18 years, happily married with two children (12 and 6). We live in the UK and visit our families in Hong Kong and Mainland China every year. Our children speak English at school, Cantonese with Mummy and Mandarin with Daddy. 



Sylvia & Charles


Sylvia Jiang 蔣曉 BEng(InfoE) 2011

Charles Guo 郭磊 BEng(InfoE) 2011


HKU connected our curriculums and from there we connected at same company - and the same family.
From orientation camp to a Ming Wah classroom, from a walk on Pokfulam Road to a “hi” in Lee Shau Kee and Morrison Halls, from an interview for an internship to a job offer in the same office. Now we are in our 9th year, happy that we married our best friend!



Francisca & Daniel


Francisca Chan 陳漣殷 LLB 1997; PCLL 1998

Daniel Wu 吳志恆 BBA(Acc&Fin) 1997


I met my husband at St. John's College in 1995 and we have now three kids, aged 9, 5 and 2! We just attended an alumni function at St. John's College.



Shelley & Panna


Shelley Fung 封愷瑜 BA 2015

Panna Wong 王家豪 BA 2014


We hope to be back to HKU for wedding photos in future!



Joyce & Alan


Joyce Leung 梁慧婷 BA&BEd(LangEd) 2012

Alan Wong 黃浩麟 BBA(Acc&Fin) 2010


When I saw you I fell in love. And you smiled because you knew.