Silver Jubilee Reunion
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HKU Class of ’84 Social Inclusion Fund

11th February 2010

Dear Class of ’84 Classmates and Friends,

Our world and society are diverse. Diversity can be a source of strength and friction depending on how we handle the differences. Exposure helps build bridges and nurture inclusion and, in turn, transform diversity into strength. In the belief that, together, we can promote greater inclusion and social harmony, the Class of ’84 graduates would like to take the opportunity of the 25th anniversary of our graduation to make a modest contribution to enhancing the exposure of those still under the wings of our Alma Mater through setting up the Social Inclusion Fund.

The purpose of the Fund is to encourage HKU students to drive and participate in social inclusion services, with a focus on ethnic, racial, gender, cultural and religious inclusion. Specifically, the Fund will support HKU students (1) on exchange programmes in recognition of their achievements in promoting inclusion, and (2) for organising and participating in inclusion projects and programmes. The Fund is managed by the Steering Committee chaired by the Dean of Student Affairs consisting of HKU staff, HKU students and graduates of the Class of 1984.

Fund-raising activities including a walkathon and reunion dinner (click here to view the souvenir book) were held last year. As we hope more students can benefit from the Fund, we seek your continuous support towards the “HKU Class of ’84 Social Inclusion Fund”. Meanwhile, you are welcome to contact us for any enquiries.

Best regards,

Cherry Tse 謝凌潔貞 (Arts)

Class of 84 Silver Jubilee Organising Committee
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Reunion Dinner
Toasting What a success! The reunion dinner was held in the evening of 22nd November 2009, exactly 25 years after our congregation. The organizing committee would like to thank our Alma Mater, the Vice-Chancellor, the Pro-Vice-Chancellor, the DAAO staff, the student helpers, everyone who has assisted the stage performance and in particular all donors, graduates and their family members and friends who joined the dinner or were unavailable but their hearts stayed with us.
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