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Chinese Students and Scholars Alumni Association

Establishment of CSSAAHKU 中國內地學生學者(香港大學)校友會成立

Aug 1, 2014

The Chinese Students and Scholars Alumni Association at the University of Hong Kong (CSSAA-HKU) developed from CSSA-HKU. It was first founded by Mainland students at The University of Hong Kong on April 27, 2012. Under the support of HKU DAAO, CSSAA-HKU became an official alumni group in August 2014.

The purpose of the CSSAAHKU is to promote the welfare of HKU graduates and to establish a mutual beneficial relationship between The University of Hong Kong and its alumni.

We also focus on helping alumni connect with fellow graduates and their professional areas through a wealth of Club activities, online services, and alumni events around the country and the world.

We always seek to foster a lifelong intellectual and emotional connection among our graduates and to provide the University with goodwill and support.

Our Website:

Our Mission:
Strengthen Contact; Encourage Communication; Promote Friendship

Our Function:


  • To promote communication among members, and to strengthen the connections between China, Hong Kong and the world.
  • To organise various activities for members to develop their comprehensive qualities.
  • To facilitate the integration of HKU students and scholars as well as alumni into society.


聯合會及校友會緣起於1985年3月20日 「香港大學內地留學人員聯誼會」,當時在港大的內地留學人員只有20人左右。近三十年來,我們一直秉承服務的精神,堅持為數以萬計香港大學學生、學者和校友提供多元化的交流平台,並為之學習工作生活提供必要的幫助。隨著服務團體的不斷壯大,校友會應運而生。