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HKU Alumni Chapter in New York

1st Runner-up at the 27th Annual Hong Kong Dragon Boat Festival

Aug 14, 2017

The dragon boat team of the HKU Alumni Chapter in New York competed at the 27th Hong Kong Dragon Boat Festival at Fresh Meadow Lake in Queens, New York. This marks the fourth consecutive year that HKU alumni have participated at this exciting event. This is also the first time for them to practise and race with current HKU students who were in New York for internships. 


For the past two months, the team trained hard in preparation for the races, sacrificing their summer weekends to go to Flushing early in the morning to practice. All that practice paid off and they won 1st Runner up at the Educational Invitational Race! They were only 0.5 seconds behind the Hong Kong Schools Alumni team! It was a very close race!