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Newly elected Executive Committee Session 2015-2016

The Ex-com Session 2015-2016 had been elected in the Annual General Meeting held on 1 August 2015. Ir CHAN Wing Kin Alfred BBS was elected as the President. Four Vice Presidents were also elected. They are Ir Ken CHAN Man Kin, Ir LUK Wai Hung, Ir Paul POON Wai Yin and Ir CHAN Yiu Ming. Ir Peter HO Pan Wai and Ir Steve LAM Ho Yin are the Honorary Secretary and Honorary Treasurer respectively. The Ex-com also includes our Immediate Past President Ir WAI Chi Sing GBS JP, Special Advisor Ir Dr Joseph CHOW Ming Kuen, OBE, JP. Four committee members will assist the Four Vice Presidents. They are Mr Kenny NG Ho Chuen, Mr CHEUNG Ngai Hang, Mr Daniel FUNG Man Kit and Ms Stephy CHAN Yuen Man. The Dean of Faculty of Engineering and the Chairperson of the Engineering Society, HKUSU are also the ex-officio members.


40th Annual Dinner and Dance (8 January 2016)

The HKUEAA 40th Annual Dinner and Dance was held successfully at The Mira Hong Kong on Friday, 8th January 2016 with the theme ¡§Somewhere in Time¡¨. It was the highlight of the HKUEAA¡¦s 40th Anniversary events which brought alumni, teachers, students, scholars and friends together. Also, it acted as a great chance to raise much needed funds for our scholarship and Alumni Association development.

We attracted full-house participation with over 300 alumni and friends joining the dinner with us! We were grateful for the presence of Mr Paul Chan Mo-po (Secretary for Development), Prof Peter Mathieson (Vice-Chancellor of HKU), Prof Norman Tien (Dean of Engineering, HKU), Ir Dr Lo Wai-kwok (Legislative Councillor, Functional Constituency - Engineering), Mr Frankie Yick Chi-ming (Legislative Councillor, Functional Constituency - Transport), Ir Chan Chi-chiu (President of HKIE), Senior Government Officials, Past Presidents of the Alumni Association and CEOs from the Engineering industry. The fun-filled evening started with sharing from the Ex-Co members and guests, followed by table games, trophy and scholarship presentation, Joe Jr¡¦s singing show, Towngas group singing performance, our famous lucky draw and floor dancing.

In recognition and appreciation of our alumnus, Ir Dr Joseph Chow¡¦s highly significant contribution to the Alumni Association, we honoured him as our Honorary Life President for his outstanding leadership and dedication at the evening.

Chats and exchanges of the latest news at the tables were only disturbed by the consumption of the delicious dinner. We would like to express our sincere gratitude to all guests and sponsors for their overwhelming support! We are looking forward to seeing you in the coming events organised by the Ex-Co of the Alumni Association soon!







Resume and Cover Letter Writing Skill (18 September 2015)

This year we invited 2 alumni to share the qualities that employers were looking for when they received numerous job applications. The talk was overwhelmingly popular with almost 200 applications and we had a full house on the event day.

The first speaker, Ir Paul Mak, Managing Director of Paul Mak and Associates Ltd., had worked in manufacturing, finance and banking fields for years before changing his career to recruitment of right candidates for different employers.

Paul shared his sophisticated experience in the kinds of candidates the employers were seeking for and encouraged students that responsibility should be one the of qualities they should pursue because not only employers but also the society requires people to be responsible.

The second speaker came from MTR Corporation Ltd. Ms Joyce Chan graduated from HKU in 2010. Applying only a few jobs, Joyce acquired 3 job offers. She shared her experience in understanding the qualities that prestige employers were searching for and advised students that resume writing should be of quality, not quantity. She emphasized that resume writing should be to the point and address what employers were searching for according to the job advertisement.





Technical Visit to the Shatin to Central Link Contract No. 1103 Diamond Hill Station (3 October 2015)

The Shatin to Central Link (SCL) is one of the ten mega infrastructure projects. It will serve areas in East Kowloon that currently do not have any MTR service. To learn more details about the SCL project, we organized a technical visit to the SCL Contract No. 1103 - Diamond Hill Station. We had 9 alumni and 11 students joined the visit and they were eager to ask questions during the whole visit.

MTR representatives first gave us an introduction to the project, TBM operations and challenges faced during the construction. The scope of the Contract No. 1103 is part of the Tai Wai to Hung Hom Section. It includes Hin Keng to Diamond Hill tunnels and Fung Tak Public Transport Interchange. Tunnel boring machine

(TBM) is adopted for 2 dual 1.7km long tunnels between Diamond Hill and Ma Chai Hang. The 7.46m diameter slurry TBM will pass underneath the two existing tunnels of the Kwun Tong Line, shortly after launching from Diamond Hill shaft.
After the briefing, we first went to the Slurry Treatment Plant (STP) to learn how the slurry is produced for TBM. Since the TBM runs 24 hours a day, the plant has to be operated non-stop as well. The MTR representatives explained the arrangement inside the small factory and showed us the on-site testing of slurry to ensure its quality.

After the visit to STP, we were demonstrated to a 1:1 size depressurizing chamber model and a TBM head model. They explained the procedure of maintaining the cutter-head and the importance of the depressurizing process. Then, we entered the TBM launching shaft and went into the interior of the TBM to understand how the tunnel segments are installed and how the technicians operate the huge machine.

Mentor-mentee Autumn Gathering
(7 Nov 2015)

The autumn gathering was held successfully on 7 November 2015, which was also the Information Day of HKU!

With the cool weather, mentors and mentees hiked from HKU to the Peak, then to Pok Fu Lam Country Park. After appreciating the beautiful scenery of the Peak and Pok Fu Lam Reservoir, the hiking was ended with a nice meal in Rome Cafe of Graduate House at HKU.

CLP Career Series

With the generous support from CLP, a career series with the theme of Electrical and Mechanical Engineering will be held by HKUEAA and the Faculty of Engineering, covering talks, technical visits & workshops, and engineer daily experience (job shadow). We aim to arouse students' interest in power industry and public utilities and have a taste of being an engineer.

27 Jan 2016: Powering Hong Kong - 1-Day Visit to CLP Power Hong Kong Ltd

The event covers visits to different core departments of CLPP, ranges from power generation, transmission to distribution. CLPP Engineer representatives shared their challenges faced during daily operation and maintenance. Innovative and most advanced power technology were also being introduced.

(Visiting spots: Smart Grid Experience Centre, Tai Po System Control Centre, Castle Peak Power Station, Black Point Power Station)


Graduate Mentor Scheme 2016

The Graduate Mentor Scheme (GMS) has been one of the most important annual events for the engineering students and alumni since 2001. The GMS has cultivated intimate and long lasting relationships amongst students and graduates, providing a platform for mutual sharing and support. Our mentor database has over 120 HKU alumni who are prominent figures in both engineering and non-engineering fields. This year, GMS will be jointly organized by H.K.U. Engineering Alumni Association (HKUEAA), Faculty of Engineering, and Engineering Society, HKUSU (ENS, HKUSU).

(GMS 2016 Inauguration Ceremony: 9 Apr 2016)

CLP Career Series

16 Mar 2016: 1-Day Technical Workshop in Castle Peak and Black Point Power Station

9 Mar 2016: 1-Day Technical Workshop in CLP Power HK Ltd Shatin Centre

Both workshops would focus on giving participants simple hands-on experiences in daily operation and maintenance work as an engineer working in the power industry.

12 Mar 2016: Our Future Energy System - Technical Visit to Town Island

The Town Island Renewable Energy (RE) Supply Project, which powers a non-profit drug rehabilitation centre run by Operation Dawn, is Hong Kong's first commercial-scale standalone RE supply system. Completed in late 2012, Town Island RE Supply Project was recently named one of the Hong Kong People Engineering Wonders in the 21st Century.


End of May to early June 2016:
Smart Cities and Sustainable Development in Japan

In past years, sponsored by HKUEAA and prominent engineering companies and individuals, over 100 students participated the oversea study tours in mainland China, Taiwan, Singapore, Korea, Thailand, Australia, and England etc. We are proud to plant the seed of sustainable development deep in students' mind before their being real engineers.

This year, jointly organized with the Faculty of Engineering, we would like to take another 20 outstanding engineering students to visit smart cities in Japan so as to experience how smart technologies are applied in infrastructure projects and daily life.


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