The H.K.U. Engineering Alumni Association was founded in 1975. In order to build up a family for the graduates, the main objectives are:

  • to promote friendship amongst HKU Engineering graduates,
  • to organize recreational, social and cultural activities,
  • to initiate and assist the professional furtherance, and
  • to assist HKU engineering students in the University

The Association exists to bring together HKU engineering students and graduates of all years and disciplines. She has provided members with a valuable chance to share professional know-how and to keep abreast of the latest trends and development in engineering and related fields. The Association will continue to serve its members and contribute to the engineering profession by providing various forms of supports to the Engineering institues, the Faculty and the HKU engineering students. More importantly, we shall enhance the image of the Association through publicity so that more graduates will join the Association and be benefited through their participation.

Currently, the Association has a membership of more than 900 graduates and most of them are Life members. In order to unite the members, the Association organizes various annual social functions:

  • Annual Ball
  • Graduate Mentor Scheme
  • AGM
  • Industrial Dinner

Last but not least, the Association also puts effort on better education for the next generation. She assists the Faculty of Engineering in promoting the well-being of the HKU engineering students both during their curriculum and graduation year. She provides the following forms of support to the Faculty:

  • H.K.U. Engineering Society and Alumni Association Loan Fund
  • H.K.U. Engineering Alumni Prize
  • H.K.U. Engineering Alumni Association Conference Grant
  • Sponsorship for H.K.U. Engineering Society Functions
  • Sponsorship for Student Exchange Scheme
  • Sponsorship for student Project Competiton
  • Technical Talks
  • Participation in the University Engineering Advisory Committee
  • Participation in the University's Activities

HKUEAA Constitution

(updated and endorsed in the Extraordinary General Meeting on 1 August 2015)


Alumni Song


曲:余煒立工程師 Ir Willis W L Yu

詞:盧偉國博士工程師 Ir Dr W K Lo

桃李同窗化春風雨絲 鵬鳥懷大志 耳聰更目明

格物明德性 知致意誠 正心修身緊記綱領
同創美景 此志共永 齊挽手高山亦變做平地
發展資訊網絡 造樓宇 鐵路能源連萬里
質素勝 善用設備 製品求精 展抱負堅心一拼

桃李盈枝 散芬芳滿苑 龍騰懷大志各奔向前程

努力憑衝勁 淵博熱誠 勇敢擔當 工科優勝
同建社會 千里和應 齊挽手江海亦變做平地
持續同建造 護環境 建棟樑傳萬世 可誌銘
盡力創造 進取求精 展抱負此心可証


:: Scores [Song; Piano Solo]