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Dear Classmates,

We, the HKU Class of '83, would also like to celebrate our 25th anniversary of graduation with a meaningful cause. Are you the first generation in your family to be admitted into the University? Many of us are. Even if you are not, you may still wish to join us in supporting the HKU First-in-the-Family Education Fund (FIFE Fund). The Fund will support HKU students who are the first generation to receive university education in the family which has a monthly household income of $12,000 or less. The fund will enable them to benefit from learning opportunities outside of the classroom, which are beyond their families' means; for example, fieldwork, internships, study trips, service-learning and exchange programmes.

We are calling for a collective effort of '83 graduates and friends to support the "FIFE-HKU 83" so that more students can benefit from this FIFE Fund.

Look forward to your support and participation!


Yours sincerely,
Class of '83 Silver Jubilee Organising Committee



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