Dear Fellow Graduates,

You may have noticed through various reports circulated by the University or in the media that former graduates of the University of Hong Kong have been quite proactive in organising reunion activities and in putting forth initiatives to support the development of the University. To take forth this tradition and to build on the momentum, at the invitation of the HKU Development and Alumni Affairs Office, a group of 1978 graduates have formed an Organising Committee to put together various programmes during 2004 to celebrate the Silver Jubilee of our graduation.

A Reunion Dinner will be held on June 12, Saturday, at Loke Yew Hall. In the run-up to the Reunion Dinner, we have launched this website and will put together a souvenir book, so that fellow graduates can share with one another their experience in their past 25 years and ideas on other initiatives which we can take collectively.

When we secured the opportunity to enter the University of Hong Kong in the 1970's, we were among the selected few. The education we received has benefited our careers and allowed us to make a contribution in different fields. As members of the most well established university in Hong Kong, the community of HKU graduates is very well placed to re-invest what we have obtained into the community, and to make a contribution to HKU to educate future generations of our young people. Graduates of well established universities around the world in North America and Europe have a long established tradition of putting forth ideas to their Alma Mater to help propel forward university development and to set aside financial resources as part of their contributions. We will be approaching fellow graduates to help out in this manner in coming months.

We very much look forward to involving as many fellow graduates of 1978 as possible in the various activities. Details of the Silver Jubilee events and list of contact persons are available at You are most welcome to send us your stories and pictures for sharing on the website or in the souvenir book, and take part in the Reunion Dinner.

Yours sincerely,

Stephen Lam (SocSc)

HKU Class of '78
Silver Jubilee Celebrations
Organising Committee

February 5, 2004

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